Thursday, February 7, 2013

Week 9 Bumpdate

June 17, 2012
This picture was taken in Baby Cox's room.  We will be taking them in there from now on.
One night this week I noticed that my belly was starting to pop just a little.  I'm sure no one else can tell, but I can!  We took some 9 week pictures (that's why there's a 9 written on my hand).  I can't wait until my belly is big enough for people to start noticing the baby!!!!

I’m still losing weight.  I guess it just took feeding a growing baby to get my booty into gear with healthy eating.  Hopefully it’s a habit I’ll keep up even after he/she is born!  I had my first bout of sickness last week.  I’ve been a bit nauseous these past few weeks, but not too bad.  Not sure if it’s morning sickness or if it is due to migraines.  The frequency in my migraines has definitely spiked since becoming pregnant.  I used to get migraines once or twice a month.  Now I’m getting them once or twice a week!  Ty gets frustrated with me because I refuse to take anything for them.  I know there are some medicines that are safe during pregnancy, but I’d rather deal with the pain than potentially harm our baby.
This week was Father’s Day.  Ty’s first one, kind of.  We took some fun pictures and I gave him Packer’s onesies as a gift.  He is a huge Packer’s fan!

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