Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Elise sharing her slushie with Carter.
Playing an addition game with Carter.
Elise has been wearing her cowboy boots a lot and I love it. It makes me think of Lily from Kevin Henkes' books.

I thought I was 4th in my age group at the Tulsa Run and then this came in the mail!
Carter set a record of 3 days in one week ending the day on purple!
So we went to McDonald's for dinner with his gift card from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Hurford he got for his birthday.
Elise and Charlee at Kyra's birthday party.

My snuggle muffin!
Sweet Tessie letting Elise use her as a pillow.

Enjoying the insect exhibit at the Children's Museum.

Carter loves his Lego mat Gma and Gpa got him for Christmas. Elise had to have Legos out so she could try it too.

Elise took some pictures on my phone while we waited in car line to pick Carter up from school.

A few days after the Tulsa Run award came, I got my Route 66 award with my new marathon PR engraved on it!
Elise asked me to take her picture with her tablet.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Funny Stuff the Kids Say

I got really behind with funny stuff the kids say and had a really long note on my phone to type up so I figured it was about time to do that! Here are some funny and cute things the kids have said lately.


"You have nice claws, don't you?!" talking to my parents' cat, Goldie.

We were driving in the car.
"Is that a robber?!"
I looked over and saw a man in a black and white striped shirt walking by the road.

Elise: Do you know the problem?
Me: What?
Elise: I'm really super hungry!

Me: Get buckled everybody!
Elise: I was already gonna get buckled. I'm not happy!
long pause
Elise: I like your hair, momma!

Instead of saying, "Why is this taking a along time?" Elise will say, "Why is this taking a long time ago?"

While driving in the car,
"I'm tired of the sun!"

Elise will randomly say to me, "I like your hair, momma!" If she thinks I'm sad or she said something mean to me, she'll say that to make up to me. She will also say, "It's okay momma, I still like your hair!" or "I still like your hair, mommy!"

Elise fell off a little toy table we have in the backyard and then stood up and yelled, "Ta da," like she had actually done a trick.

In a book we read that an animal eats pigs. Elise said, "Awww, I love little pigs! I like to ride on little pigs and big pigs."

They were working on our neighbor, Kyle's, roof. Elise yelled out, "There are people on coyote's house!"

When Elise is riding a ride or excited she'll yell, "Yippy ki yi yote!"

We decorated Christmas cookies and took some to our neighbor. Then we picked some out for Santa. Elise said, "I'm so terrified that we're giving all our cookies away!"

"I'm giving all the toys I don't like to the dogs to play with." I went in and saw she'd given the dogs stuffed animals and all but one were actually Carter's!

"I love you, mommy, but I don't love ouchies! They just hurt."

Carter: Who did this!?
Elise: That was me, I was up to mystery (meaning mischief).

Elise: Mommy, are earrings a good thing?
Me: Yes.
Elise: No, you're wrong! You lose!

Elise: On my birthday what will my new name be?
Me: Your name won't change, it will always be the same.  Your age will change. You will be 4.
Elise:  Oooh, so on Skippy's cat birthday he'll eat cake?!?

Randomly while sitting down coloring she said, "Sometimes I eat so much my tummy hurts. Then I go poop a bunch and my tummy feels better."

"My statues are still on!" She meant her tattoos.

"Look at my shadow, since I have a backpack on I look like a turtle!"

Thomas: How long did you nap today?
Elise: Mmmm, maybe a minute or 4 pounds.

The kids wanted to go out for lunch. Elise said, "Well, I found 2 pennies and mommy has a dollar!"

Elise calls coconuts Chicka Chicka Boom Booms and she calls mangos flamingoes.


Carter likes to draw pictures of Elise and then write Mr. Elise on them. He thinks it's hilarious and cracks up over it. Elise doesn't get it and just feels special that he is drawing her pictures.

We were talking about Veteran's Day and in a panic Carter asked, "Are we getting shots today?!" He thought it was Vaccination Day.

"Oh Tesla, I wanted to suck my thumb but you just licked it so now I can't!"

We were talking about Whataburger and Carter said, "I don't want to go there because the burgers are on water so the buns are soggy!"

On the drive to school Carter yelled out, "Oh no, I left Big Al out on the table. I hope robbers don't take him!"

Elise: What do you want for your birthday?
Carter: I just had my birthday and I already got everything I want.

Carter calls two piece jammies, jammies cut in half. When I read Carter the school lunch choices and he wants to pack his lunch, he says, "I want a mommy lunch." I love that and hope he continues saying that for a long time!

Friday, January 11, 2019

My Year in Books

A while back my co-teacher from back when I taught multiage invited me to join Goodreads, an app to track books and share book recommendations with friends. I downloaded the app but never used it. Then this year since I was using my "To Read" app to keep track of what books I want to read using my phone, I looked back into Goodreads. I love using it to track my books and the books I want to read. I love that you can go in and update what page you're on in your book so it will show what percent of the way you are through your book. I also love that it will recommend books to you based on books you've read and rated highly. I've found some awesome books through it! I also found that you can create a goal for how many books to read in a year. I knew I'd read somewhere around 100 books the year before so I set my goal for 2018 at 100 books. I completed my goal well before the end of the year and now I know exactly how many books I read this year so I can create a more accurate goal for 2019. I loved that at the end of the year Goodreads created a little update of my year through reading and wanted to share some of the stats here for fun, along with some other tidbits.

I read 38,074 pages across 128 books.
My shortest book was Love and Friendship by Jane Austen at 90 pages.
My longest book was Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow at 904 pages.
The average length of book I read was 297 pages.
The most popular book I read was 1984 by George Orwell with 3,672,854 other people reading it.
The least popular book I read was Beverley Green: Sasquatch Hunter by Andrea C. Neil with only 7 other people reading it.
I loved the fun book cover collages Goodreads made out of the books I read.

I screenshotted my favorite sections.

My favorite fiction book I read this year: The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri
My favorite nonfiction book I read this year: Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman's Awakening by Manal Al-Sharif
My favorite fiction audiobook I listened to this year: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
My favorite nonfiction audiobook I listened to this year: I Feel Bad about My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman by Nora Ephron
Overall Favorite for the Year: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Fall Reading

I just found this sitting in my drafts. I thought I posted it in December but I guess it has just been sitting there waiting to be published...

Elise has become a huge reader and I love it! She likes to sit and read books to herself and also enjoys bringing books for us to read to her. She still doesn't like to sit and read a book before bedtime every night. Often times she plays around while I read to Carter. She likes to have a stack of books in her bed to look at before going to sleep at naptime as well as bedtime. It's so cute. Carter has gotten to be really good at sounding out words and reading them. It's a little tricky for him because he switches back and forth between English and Spanish. He'll be reading a word in English but using the Spanish sounds. The other day it was "h-ah-th" for jazz since the j is makes the /h/ sound in Spanish and his teacher is from Spain so she pronounces the z sound as /th/. I don't want to confuse him so I'm going to wait until he's proficient reading in Spanish before practicing English sounds again and then reading in English, I'm thinking maybe this summer we'll work on reading in English. It took him a couple months to get used to the letter sounds in Spanish so I don't want to throw a wrench in that. This is such a fun time in our lives with Elise loving to be read to and Carter starting to read on his own. I love it! Here are some of our favorite books from this fall. At home outside of his practice readers Carter prefers to read in English as a break from Spanish so we mostly read books in English. Read last year's fall book list here, 2016 here, 2015 here, 2014 here, and 2013 here.

Our Favorite Books from this Fall:
  • Brave Ben by Mathilde Stein- I'm not sure what exactly it was about this book that Elise loved, but love it she did! She wanted to read it over and over. In the book Ben refers to himself as a scaredy cat and I heard Elise call someone a scaredy cat on the playground at school so she definitely picked that up there.
  • Dear Substitute by Liz Garton Scanlon- This was a great book about how things will be different when you have a substitute and that's okay. It would be a good book for a teacher to read to his/her class before being gone or for a substitute to read at the beginning of the day to remind students that things will be different and that's okay. I'm keeping this one on a list to read before I'm gone and have a sub and also for the future if I ever end up being a substitute teacher. It was that good!
  • Hippos Are Huge! by Jonathan London- This book was recommended by our children's librarian because there is a page that talks about hippo poop and Elise is obsessed with What Do They Do With All That Poo? Both the kids loved it and wanted to read it over and over. I wasn't surprised that one of Elise's favorite pages was the one that talked about poop. She asked a lot of questions!
  • Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson- This book has been a Halloween favorite of Carter and then Elise for years. It's also probably my favorite Halloween book. The one we read I bought at a garage sale around 10 years ago before my first year of teaching! I went back and saw I'd never listed it on a fall reading list so I wanted to list it here. The book is so good with the witch being saved at the end by all her friends she's made throughout the book. The book has been made into a short little movie that's on Netflix which is my favorite kind where all the words are straight out of the book. They only added a little bit with the bird's backstory that I didn't really like, but it's a great short little video to watch.
  • I Would Tuck You In by Sarah Asper-Smith- This was a sweet book and Elise adored it because there was a mommy otter and a baby otter on the cover. She didn't want to return it to the library when it was due, that's how much she liked it.
  • Over in the Forest: Come and Take a Peek by Marianne Berkes- We love the books that are different variations on Over in the Meadow, but with a different habitat. Every time we find one, the kids love it. They are great for discussing different habitats and what animals live there as well as practicing counting.
  • Saying Goodbye to Lulu by Corinne Demas- The kids picked this book out at the library and wanted me to read it to them while we were there. I held it together and didn't cry at the library even though the dog in the story was even colored similarly to Harper. But each time we read it at home I cried at a different part of the story. I think the kids enjoyed the book so much because it put words to their feelings. It's always nice to have validation that it's okay to feel the way you do. Elise has told me, "Tesla is sweet and I like her, but I just want Harper back. Why can't God make Harper better and bring her back." It is so hard and I feel the same way. I sure love Tesla, but I just wish we still had Harper! I know over time it will get easier and even though this book made me cry, it did make me feel better.
  • Tiptoe Tapirs by Hanmin Kim- Elise loved this book and picked it out to read every time we sat down to read. I'm not sure what it was about the book that she loved so much. I think she liked it when the leopard jumped out and surprised everyone.
  • Dear Girl, A Celebration of Wonderful, Smart, Beautiful You by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Paris Rosenthal- This was another favorite of Elise's. She loved it and it was a sweet book. It would be a good one to give as a graduation present and I found myself wishing we hadn't already picked a book to have people sign for Elise to give her at her high school graduation.
  • Robyn Boid: Architect by Maree Coote- This was such a cute story about a bird who starts getting creative with the design of birds' nests. It was a great story about how it's okay to be different. It would also be the perfect present for an architect at a baby shower. So I'm keeping this one filed away for that purpose.
  • Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller- This was a great book to read at the beginning of the school year. I loved how it showed the way one act of kindness can snowball into more kind actions.
  • The Little Old Lad Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams- Elise adored this book and we read it over and over and over. I thought she mostly liked the rhythm of the book when we read it because it was almost like a song.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wordless Wendesday

When it is raining the day your roller skates arrive, you skate in the house.
What takes precedence, building Legos or eating dinner?

Carter wore his skates all day. He even built Legos and played with clay in his skates.
It is so hilarious to watch the kids play Guess Who.
Both kids fell asleep at nap time one day over break.

We had so much fun with our new book, Lifesize.

Date night with a beer flight.

All muddy after our trail run.

Elise wanted Opa to wear her tiara and then she took his picture.

Elise using her new Christmas headphones at the library.

Elise decorating our Valentine's Day tree.