Friday, June 5, 2020

Spring Reading

With the coronavirus pandemic breaking out right around spring break and the libraries quickly closing while I was still sick with the flu, we've been a little short on new reading material. We have TONS of children's books and the kids have been rediscovering old favorites by choosing books from their bookshelves, but we just haven't had many new favorites to add to a list so this list is a little light. Bad Guys and Dog Man have been constant favorites with the kids, Carter reading to himself and to Elise. Elise is still all about Fly Guy and Pig the Pug. Carter pulled out The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen which was a favorite when he was younger and I've loved getting to re-read it with them over and over again. I moved their old copies of Highlights, National Geographic Kids, and Ranger Rick magazines from a bookshelf in the kitchen to a side table in the living room. All the sudden it was like they were brand new. They have been looking back through and re-reading all their old magazines which has been fun!

Favorite Spring Books
  • The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf by Mark Teague- During the winter I bought a bunch of children's books at Goodwill. I was saving them to pull out for a long road trip or something. It has been so nice to have them during this pandemic with the libraries being closed. I pulled one book from the pile a day to read to give us some new reading material. Carter loved this one and read it to himself over and over along with asking for us to listen as he read it. I think he liked that it was a version of The Three Little Pigs with a happy ending and no one dying.
  • Tiger and Turtle by James Rumford- This was one we grabbed at the library before it closed due to the pandemic. Elise loved it and had me read it so many times she knew the book almost word for word. She loves cats so even though the tiger and the turtle were both mean to each other in the book, in her opinion the turtle was a bully, haha!
  • Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey- I saw the sequel to this book at the spring book fair and made a note I wanted to get it for Elise at the library. Unfortunately pretty soon thereafter the libraries closed so we didn't get to read it. Elise loves Aaron Blabey's books and Pig the Pug books are some of her favorites. She even told me one day that Aaron was her favorite author because she is so funny. I cracked up because she thinks Aaron is a girl name because of my friend, Erin. Ty sold some riding toys the kids are too big for now and we decided to use some of the money to order stuff for the kids. I told the kids they could each choose a toy and a book. I showed this book to Elise because I thought she'd like it and she asked me if she could use her money to get it. She loved it and we read it 3 times the day it arrived. It was so cute! 
  • Good Night Tulsa written and illustrated by Staff of Our Public School District- Carter's art teacher was one of the 8 art teachers in our school district chosen to illustrate this awesome book about our town. Carter loved the book and read it over and over once we got it. We ordered a book and the proceeds support our school's foundation and a book will be donated to a child at a Title I school within our district since we ordered a book. Elise also really loved the book and we are excited to do a fun "scavenger hunt" searching for the different sights shown within the book.
  • "L" Is For Library by Sonya Terry- This book was so cute. Each letter of the alphabet was represented by something you would find in the library. Carter liked it so much he wanted to read it to Oma and Opa over FaceTime. Elise loved watching the pictures and they discussed which characters in the pictures were real and which came out of the illustrations in books. This was one of the library books we got before the libraries closed.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Wordless Wednesday

Elise's Drive Through Preschool Graduation

She was so excited to see her teachers!
She found her name on the sign and was super excited it was right by Beckett's.
We went up to take pictures at the same time as her friend Kaleigh so we got one with her too!

Elise wanted to make a sign for her teachers to see and dictated what she wanted it say. It wasn't until we got home that I realized Carter had drawn a poop on it while he helped her decorate!
Close up of the sign, I think Carter drew all of that in the time it took Elise to color in the g!
The kids wanted to go on a walk with their scooters, Elise decided to off road with hers.
Then they both got tired of riding their scooters and I ended up carrying them both on the way home.
Elise with her teachers during the preschool drive through graduation.
Our first play date with our best friends in about 2 months!
Elise loves her new ball from her teachers!

I moved where we keep the magazines and it's like we got all new magazines to the kids!

Watching the space shuttle launch!
We decided to take a little Tulsa tour to visit the sites from the "Good Night Tulsa" book we hadn't been to before. First stop: dinner at Mother Road Market. It was awesome because we ordered from 4 different places and they delivered the food to our car!

We decided to take a little Tulsa tour to visit the sites from the "Good Night Tulsa" book we hadn't been to before.
Second stop: the Golden Driller which we've been to before but wanted to see all decked out for Tesla.
We decided to take a little Tulsa tour to visit the sites from the "Good Night Tulsa" book we hadn't been to before.
Third stop: The Five Moons Statues. Carter was the most fascinated by this one when we read the book and that was what made me come up with the tour idea.
Carter wanted to pose like each other the dancers.

We decided to take a little Tulsa tour to visit the sites from the "Good Night Tulsa" book we hadn't been to before.
Fourth stop: The Council Oak Tree, it was really neat to read about the Native American History at this one.
We decided to take a little Tulsa tour to visit the sites from the "Good Night Tulsa" book we hadn't been to before.
Fifth stop: Reconciliation Park, we also drove down Black Wall Street to get here and it felt very timely with everything going on. We had some good discussions about Tulsa History and race while looking at the park.

Elise had her seat all set up and ready for the drive in movie before she found out she didn't have to stay in her seat.
We decided to take a little Tulsa tour to visit the sites from the "Good Night Tulsa" book we hadn't been to before.
Last stop: Admiral Twin Drive In for the kids' first ever drive in movie!

Garden Tea Party by the flowers in the backyard for lunch.

Elise reading on Carter's Raz Kids account. She was reading really fast and Carter told her, "Slow down or you're not going to learn anything!" It was so cute!
Reading together in our bed while I showered.
Carter was reading and Elise climbed up in his chair with him so he could read to her.
Carter was thrilled Skippy came to listen to him read on Raz Kids.
79* is perfect swimming weather for these 2, even in the shade!
I bought these snorkel kits years ago because I wanted flippers for a game during summer school, these are coming in handy now!