Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

When all you care about is keeping the library books dry!

Elise giving Quinn a check-up.

Quinn was diagnosed with a slight cold.

Elise wanted to make a cake out of a cook book I had as a kid. Then we made homemade chocolate buttercream icing for the first time. It was so good!

Carter loves Zuma sleeping in his room when we dog sit.

Tesla kept trying to play with Quinn and Quinn didn't want to play so this was her solution.

Carter hit Elise because he said she was sitting too close to him so I made him have her sit on his lap for 2 minutes. They sat and giggled and chatted the whole time. It was so sweet!

This is how Tesla gets attention when I'm doing yoga.

Elise kept crying and telling Carter not to look at her no matter where he was looking, so he ate lunch like this.

Putting eyes on his head while putting the silverware away.

Carter reading to Elise.

Tesla always nearby!

Carter made some drawings to decorate his room.

Elise wanted to be in a picture too.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Funny Stuff the Kids Say

Ty: The actor who played Chewbacca died.
Carter: Oh no, I loved him!
Me: Well, it's just the person who wore the costume, so the suit lives on.
Elise: Oh, that's so sad. He was funny and didn't say, "baaaaa." Who is going to wear the suitcase now?

Elise calls a bump on her head an egg bump.

Elise: We have a new refrigerator.
Girl at Playground: We have 2 fridges.
Elise: With food in it?!
Elie Later: I didn't know you had 2 escalators, I mean refrigerators!

Elise combined mystery and mischief and said mystrif.

"Mom, you're prettier than Tesla." -Elise

My voice was scratchy from allergies, so Elise said, "I hope you're feeling better when we get to school or they're going to think you're a grandma."

Both kids call fried eggs "flat eggs".

Elise: When is Addy having her real party?
Me: She already did. Remember when we went to her house and had cake? That was her party.
Elise: But she didn't have a piƱata.

Elise: I have an egg bump on my head.
Carter: It's called a goose bump.
Librarian: Do you mean a goose egg?
Carter: Oh yes, it's called a goose egg!

"When I grow up I want to be a mom, an artist, and a good swimmer!" -Elise

"When all the dinosaurs died and went extinct, did they go to heaven?" -Carter

Elise: Are there a lot of Jesuses?
Me: There was just one Jesus.
Elise: Then how is he in all of our hearts?

Elise calls woodpeckers, woodypeckers.

Charlee: I'm the mom.
Elise: No, I'm the mom.
Charlee: Fine, then there's two moms!

"There's something special about music. When I hear it, it makes me feel good." -Carter

We were getting ready to swim in a lake. Elise said, "But I'm afraid of underfeet." She meant undertow.

The kids were looking at pictures from our wedding. My wedding dress was tight fitting.
Carter: I see mommy's butt!
Elise: Why is your butt not little? Why is it so big?!

Elise calls Winnie the Pooh, Honey the Pooh.

I heard some heavy breathing and a screech come from Elise's room. Then Carter yelled, "It's a baby! She had her baby!"

Me: Oh my gosh, Tesla, you smell awful! Did you roll in something dead outside?
Elise: She probably rolled in my pee.
Elise: Because I peed outside.

Instead of saying let 'er rip, Carter says, "lemon rip."

Elise: Why is that lady outside?
Me: Because she's smoking.
Elise (very loudly): She's going to DIE!

Elise calls boxed macaroni and cheese "long mac and cheese" and Easy Mac is "circle mac and cheese." She says she prefers circle mac and cheese because long mac and cheese takes longer.

Friday, August 9, 2019

What I'm Loving This Summer...

Outdoor yoga. The beginning of the summer was really mild and I have loved that! Most days I took the opportunity to do yoga in the backyard and it was the best! Now that it's warmed up, I've done yoga in the backyard while the kids played before it got too warm. I love looking up at the clouds as I do different yoga moves and feeling the sun on my skin as I move.
Elise took a break from playing to lay on my yoga mat.
Tesla guarding me during yoga.
My view during corpse pose.

Carter reading. It is so much fun to listen to Carter read. He will sit in his room and read out loud or we will sit together on the couch while he reads to me. I absolutely love his confidence and his joy for reading. He will occasionally ask to read to me but if I asked him to read to me, he didn't want to. I decided to make him a reading list so he'd be more motivated to read to me. His first list he got to pick out a Lego Ninjago after reading 10 books in English and 10 books in Spanish. Now he's working on his 2nd list where he'll need to read 15 books in each language and he's almost done!

Having time to downsize and organize. This summer I got an itch to go through and reorganize the kids' toy area in the living room. We got rid of the train table and got an organizer with cubbies to put their toys in. While I was working on that I moved things around in Carter's room and ended up totally reorganizing his room. The next week it was on to the drawers under Ty and my bed and our dressers. Then the following day I worked in Elise's room. It makes such a difference having everything organized and easy to find. The kids play with their toys so much more now that they are in bins than they did when they tended to just throw everything onto the train table without putting it in the bin it belonged in. When organizing our room I came across a bunch of my grandma's jewelry that I totally forgot I had so I've enjoyed wearing it more now.
Wearing my grandma's jewelry to church.
Tea parties. We had friends over and the girls wanted to fill Elise's tea pot from her tea set with water. I washed everything so we could have a tea party and served the girls flavored water with some snacks. Carter came in and saw us so he wanted to have a tea party the following day. Since then we've had a bunch of tea parties and it is so much fun!
Tesla likes to join in on the tea parties as well.
Trail running. Summer is my off season when it comes to training. I take the season easy with lower mileage weeks and just base mileage to prepare for the fall racing season. I love speed work and tempos but my body just needs that break. Without the speed work and tempos to break things up, base mileage can get a little boring. Last year I started running with a trail running group once a week and that really helped mix things up and make the summer more fun. I was so excited to get back into this summer and really enjoy running trails at least once a week.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Smashing ice to get the animals out.

More ice painting.

Carter wanted to smash more ice so I cut open a milk jug full of ice from Gma.

Tesla decided to do yoga with me.

Elise said she was cold so I suggested she put on a jacket...

They made a sign to welcome Uncie Taco when he arrived at Oma and Opa's house.

She fell asleep on the drive to St. Louis.

The kids got a little rowdy at the birthday party so we went for a walk.

Listening to speeches at the birthday party.

With the birthday boy at his 90th birthday party!
Elise playing with decorations at the party.

Elise was so worn out from her busy night she slept in until 8:30!

Carter woke up at 6:30am so we went swimming.
Elise with her great grandma at the brunch the day after grandpa's party.

We stopped at Meramec Caverns on our way home.

Elise didn't want to be in the picture so I let her take it and she accidentally cut Opa out of the picture.

Carter said, "I wish I packed long pants for this."

Mom posing with the "wine table" formation.

Elise showing off her new purse full of special rocks she picked out.

Putting on a bubble show. Elise told Oma, "Come stand on the stage with me and you can do a bubble show."

Ice cream with friends.

Playing with new toys from the great grandparents.