Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 24 Bumpdate

September 19, 2012
We had our 24 week appointment today.  The doctor checked all of baby’s organs.  He said baby has no cleft pallet or cleft lip.  His umbilical cord looks good and we watched blood flow through it.  He also checked his heart, kidneys, and spine.  We even got to see the chambers of the heart.  He said the baby looked very good and very normal.  Normal is good!  I asked about baby’s head size since his daddy has quite the noggin!  His head size falls at about the 50th percentile.  The size could change quite a bit and it will be checked again around 30 weeks.  His heart rate was 156 beats per minute and it’s still so exciting to hear that sound!  The evidence that a little miracle is growing inside of me!  I asked the doctor about traveling around Christmas time and he said I shouldn’t travel, even by car, after 34 weeks.  So it sounds like we will be spending Christmas in Tulsa.  Ty likes to say Carter cancelled Christmas!  My glucose test is set for my next appointment in October.  Can’t wait to taste that little orange drink, haha!  According to their scale, I'm up to 16 pounds gained!
This weekend we visited Ty’s family.  We went to the wedding of one of Ty’s childhood friends and the 1st birthday of one of his best friends’ child.  We went by and saw the crib Ty's grandpa is making for Baby Cox and I saw Baby Cox kicking for the first time.  I was lying in bed Friday night and saw a nudge to my belly.  Ty got to see him move Monday night.  Every new thing he does is so amazing and I love it so much!  I’ve been watching him move all week and sometimes just sit staring at my belly afraid I might miss him kicking.
Ready for the wedding.  Ty surprised me with this beautiful maternity dress to wear for the wedding.

His ears are now fully functioning and he has a sense of balance.  He can now tell whether he’s upside-down or right side up.  His see through skin is becoming opaque and his brain is growing quickly.

With Ty's Grandpa Cox and the crib he's making for Baby Cox.
We are so excited to have a weekend in Tulsa to get some things done in baby’s room.  I can’t wait for his room to start looking like he could live in it!  It’s hard to believe we are nearing the 3rd trimester.  Some sources consider 25 weeks to be the start of the 3rd trimester.  Time sure has gone by fast! 

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