Saturday, November 30, 2019

Wordless Saturday

With the busy-ness of Thanksgiving, I didn't get around to doing Wordless Wednesday or Thursday. Carter was out of school all week for Thanksgiving and Elise and I only had school on Tuesday. Our director allowed us to bring our older kids who were out of school with us. Carter was super excited and enjoyed hanging out at my school with a sub who watched the older kids. Then we drove to my parents' house and on Wednesday morning mom and I drove to Silver Dollar City with the kids to use our free tickets from our Run to the Lights race packets. I would just wait until Wednesday or Thursday to catch up with 2 weeks worth of pictures but there were so many this week! So Wordless Saturday it is!

Elise making a name turkey craft I did with my class.
Since Thanksgiving was so late this year and we were going to be out of town, we put our tree up early.

Wearing my Route 66 jacket on Friday, gearing up for the half marathon!
Walking to the library in the rain. Elise wanted to walk even though it was raining.

Elise checking in books at Carter's school library.

Elise covering her eyes at what she thought may be a scary part of the movie while watching Frozen.

Carter organized all our kid movies by category.
Lego Movies, Princess Movies, Car Movies, Funny Movies, Halloween Movies.

Pet Movies, Learning Movies
Carter inspecting his handiwork.
Opa carrying the kids after the race expo.
Elise painting Opa's nails.

The kids giving Ian hugs before he left.
We went to see Frozen II with our friends!

We all liked this one even more than the first one!
Trying out the vibrating chair.

Super excited to wear my Route 66 jacket the day after the race.
The kids wanted to walk Tesla.
She was pretty good!
Carter super excited to spend the day at school with us!

They put the Christmas decorations up at the church during the school day so we got a picture by the tree before going home.

Getting a tour of Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar City.

Decorating cookies in Rudolph's area at Silver Dollar City.

Dad riding on Thomas' back after the Turkey Trot.

Ty warming up under a warmer after the Turkey Trot.
Having fun with Snapchat on Thanksgiving.

Elise let Uncie J comb her hair on Thanksgiving.
Family photo on Thanksgiving.

It was gray and rainy, Elise walked out and said, "It's so beautiful today!" haha

Run with Tesla.

Decorating Christmas tree brownies.
Visiting the Precious Moments Chapel.

Checking out the lights on the grounds of the Precious Moments Chapel.

Elise signed the bottom of the receipt after Opa signed it.
Elise playing at Silver Dollar City.