Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Elise put Ty's bear oven mitts on her feet. It cracked me up!

Elise in her class during VBS.

The last day of VBS Elise wouldn't go in her class so I took her with me.
Elise ready to pray during VBS.

Carter with the mascot, Ramona the Racoon.
Walking to Braum's.

Elise celebrating National Flamingo Day.

Hiking at Lubell Park.

Ty helping Elise with her walking stick.

They were playing with their Legos and Elise wanted to sit in Carter's chair with him. It was so sweet.

Enjoying a juggling program at the library.

Carter trying juggling.

Getting their prizes for finishing the summer reading program.

Riding his bike and her skooter home from the library.
We came out on Tuesday morning to find a flat tire!
Ty was sweet enough to turn around and come back to help change the tire.

Checking out the nail in the tire.
Carter eating popcorn at the tire place while they changed our tire.

Elise was thrilled one of the customers brought her dog in with her.

The dog was awesome!

We were there for 2 hours. Carter made himself at home!

Taking a hike at Turkey Mountain.

Partway through our hike I realized Elise and I were both wearing shirts that said love on them.

Carter climbed the rock all on his own.

Laying with Elise during naptime.

We got out to rock the vote!

Swimming at Keystone State Park.

Uncie Taco came with us.

Storytime with a Native American story teller.

Carter got a hair cut!

Elise wanted me to take a picture of her too.

Watching Incredibles 2 at the movie theater.