Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week 31 Bumpdate

November 8, 2012
31 weeks is here.  Just single digit weeks left until we meet our precious, little baby boy.  It amazes me how quickly time has gone by.  It seems like it wasn’t that long ago I was bouncing up and down staring at a Pregnant reading on the pregnancy test asking Ty over and over, “Do you think this is real?”  Well, it sure has gotten real these last few months.  Baby is getting to be so big and active.  He is moving all the time.  I absolutely love feeling him and being reminded of my precious cargo.  I love knowing where he is and picturing which body part is poking my belly.  

At this point baby’s lungs are the only system that is not fully mature.  He will be growing rapidly and will gain about ½ a pound per week from here on out (hopefully I will only gain ½ a pound a week as well).  I’m pushing my less than 30 pounds gained goal.  I’m already at 20 pounds gained!  It’s hard to believe I’m carrying that much extra weight.  Other than back pain I feel so good and when I run I don’t even notice my belly.  I do notice the extra weight on my bladder though!  I’m glad Ty doesn’t mind stopping for restroom breaks only a mile and a half in!  I did a 6 mile long run this weekend and I’m ready to go for the half-marathon next weekend!

Last weekend while my parents were here mom hemmed and dad and Ty hung the curtains in the baby’s room.  I love the curtains and they look so great.  I’m loving baby’s room more and more every day.  So many people have helped make our nursery amazing and have contributed homemade items.  Baby is already so loved!  I’ll send pictures of the nursery soon!

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