Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Today has already been full of festive fun for us. After a 6 mile run with the kids in the double stroller, we headed out for the pumpkin patch dressed in costumes. Carter picked to wear his police officer jacket and hat that we picked up at Goodwill super cheap a while back and I put Elise in her Snow White dress we found at Goodwill for $4! She also got Belle and Cinderella dresses for $5 a piece but they are longer and she trips on them when walking so we save those for when we are just playing at home. They will dress in their firefighter costumes for trick or treating tonight so I wanted to make sure they didn't get dirty during the day. Today was the last day the pumpkin patch was open so the owner told the kids to pick out a small pie pumpkin for free on our way out. Then we stopped by IHOP on our way home for some scary face pancakes for lunch. On Halloween each year IHOP does free scary face pancakes for kids. After going last year Carter always wanted funny face pancakes which meant I would draw faces on his pancake with butter. It was pretty funny. Carter left the candy corn mouth and mini Oreo eyes on his pancake and ate them along with the pancake and he actually ate the entire pancake. Elise ate off both eyes and the mouth and didn't seem to touch the pancake but she had filled up on ghost stick cheese and Halo jack-o-lanterns which I took to the pumpkin patch to share with our friends so I wasn't too surprised. Both kids are sleeping and we are all looking forward to meeting up with friends to trick or treat once Ty gets home. I hope you all are having a fun filled day as well!
Carter would pose but Elsie wouldn't so this was the best picture I got!

Taking a break from playing to get drinks and rest.

The corn box is Elise's favorite!
Carter picked out the biggest pumpkin he could find and carried it all the way to the car.
Carter decorating his pancake.

Elise eating an eye off her scary face pancake.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Carter showing off a letter he wrote to his cousin, Wyatt.
Carter sharing his sensory bin with friends.
Elise's face here kills me!
Ready to walk to the fire station.
This fire fighter was so sweet with the kids!
Elise loves my friend, Niki.
Eating by campfire. I loved Carter's face so picked this one even though the smoke kind of ruins it!
Elise didn't notice I snuck a bow in her hair.
She figured it out a few minutes later.
Hayden shared some of his fries with Carter.
Carter trying to push Hayden.
Elise and Addison playing.
Elise clapping for Addison because she was sitting on the potty.
Ty getting Quinn snuggles as he napped on the couch.
Special mommy Carter date for a treat.
Carter wanted to surprise me by dressing handsome.
Elise got to pick out a doughnut at Uncie J's house so this is how she looked when we arrived at the grocery store.
Elise did not want to meet Curious George!
Bubbles at storytime.