Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Tired after his first day of school.

Carter picked to eat at McAlister's for his first day of school treat. Then he changed his mind to McDonald's and Elise was devastated. He just wanted to play there so I told him I'd take him there for dessert while Elise was at gymnastics.
Elise wanted to wear a backpack like Carter.

Posing with Uncie Taco's garden.

Elise wanted to paint our nails.

Zoo with friends.

Watching the chef cook at a Japanese steakhouse.
Elise skipped her nap and then fell asleep at a birthday party.
Snuggling both my sweet pets.
Carter painting at a birthday party.

Elise in the group picture of the kids at the birthday party.

Lunch date after Meals on Wheels.
My sweet, little napping buddy.
Harper got in on nap time.
Climbing a tree at the park.
Carter quizzing Elise on shape names.

Checking out the new van.

Elise helping me make dinner.
Taking a break on our walk.

Ice cream social before our first PTA meeting.
Breakfast date with Elise.
Wearing her new Paw Patrol shoes that finally fit.

Riding her bike to the library.
Helping Harper out of the car.

Harper was hot after our walk.