Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week 36 Bumpdate

December 13, 2012
 Only six more days until baby is full term!  Right now he’s gaining about an ounce a day or ½ a pound a week.  He will be about 15% body fat when he’s born!  He’s getting closer and closer to being able to breathe on his own.  As each day passes I feel so much relief.  I’ve been a little bit worried that baby would arrive before he’s full term.  Now that we are very close to full term I feel so much better!

I was a little bit disappointed that we didn’t go to weekly appointments after our appointment last week.  I’m really dying to know if I have progressed any further since last week.  I know there’s a chance that I may not have.  Not having an appointment freed me up to meet with my long-term substitute after school instead.  So I guess it was good in that sense.  It makes me feel better to have had a chance to talk with her and explain some things.  I know she’s going to do a great job!

Ty installed the car seat in his car this past weekend.  He found a child safety program going on at a local fire station this week and took it to get checked out.  They were very impressed with how well he installed the car seat and said most people who come in don’t have it properly installed.  He even had to help them loosen it to change the angle for a newborn (he makes everything so tight)!  Now I don’t mind how tight he puts lids on jars knowing that ability helped him install a car seat to keep our baby safe!

I’m so looking forward to our appointment Wednesday.  Hopefully we will get good news on my progress and baby’s early arrival!!!

After we took the belly pics Ty bent down and kissed my belly.  I decided to take a picture since I was holding the camera.  Thought you might enjoy.

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