Friday, July 31, 2015

Funny Stuff Carter Says

I really should change these to Stuff Carter Says. Although a lot of it is funny some of it is just something he said that was so cute I want to always remember it. His sense of humor is really developing and a lot of times he says stuff just to make us laugh.
Me: For Father's Day on Sunday you get to go on a daddy date with just daddy.
Carter: Daddy date for Father's Day? That will be great!

"Oma, Opa visiting? That will be fun!"

"Great job making dinner daddy!"

Me: Do you wanna go see Hayden today?
Carter: Oh yes, that be fun! Go on Tuesday?
Me: Yes, today is Tuesday.

Me: Do you want to go to storytime?
Carter: Oh yes! I love storytime!

Elise was crying in the car so Carter started singing to her and she stopped crying.
Elise: crying again
Carter: No more singing, sissy!
Elise: continues to cry
Carter: Ok, sissy! Then he starts singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Carter: Sissy, stop sleeping! It's light outside, not dark bedtime!
Me: Sissy sleeps a lot right now, doesn't she? When she gets older she'll only take a morning nap and an afternoon nap. Then when she gets even older she'll just take an afternoon nap like you.
Carter: Sissy not big. Sissy baby. Sissy takes one nap like Carter when she big?
Me: That's right and she'll be awake a lot more.
Carter: Then sissy can play with Carter. She play cars with me and sing with me. That be fun!

We had checked out a lullaby book from the library. I couldn't remember the words exactly so I made them up a little as I sang to Elise. Later in the day I sang it by reading from the book.
Carter: No, that not right! That not true!
I guess he liked my made up words better!

"Mommy, you my friend. I love play with you. It fun." Melt my heart!

While driving in the car on our way to the park.
Carter: You grumpy today, mommy.
Me: I'm grumpy?! I start wracking my brain trying to think of what I did that morning that may have been grumpy.
Carter: No, you not. I just kidding! Then he starts laughing!

He was telling me he didn't want to nap and trying to get out of a nap.
Carter: Mommy, no lay Carter down.
Me: Carter you need to take a nap that way you'll have energy to play with me in the afternoon. You are going to take a nap, sissy's going to take a nap, and I'm going to take a nap.
Carter: Not me!

Carter: Where Nolan? Nolan play cars with Carter. Hayden play cars with Carter and Erin and you. Hayden, Erin, mommy, Carter all play cars. Sissy not play cars. She not boy yet. When she grows up and is boy, she play.
Me: Sissy will always be a girl, even when she grows up. She just needs to get bigger to play cars with you.
Carter: Oh, sissy girrrl! Oma girl. Harper girl, Zuma girl, Keeners girl. You boy mommy?
Me: No I'm a girl.
Some days he seems to totally get it, other days he doesn't!

Me: Carter, would you like more grapes or canteloupe?
Carter: No, thank you though.
I thought it was so cute because he normally just says no, thank you.

While sticking his finger in Elise's mouth.
"Sissy tasting Carter's finger! Oooohh, sissy, that tickles. Ouch sissy!"

I was carrying Carter in to lay him down for a nap.
Me: Carter you are so much fun. I had a blast with you this morning!
Carter: 1, 2, 3 BLAST OFF! 

Carter was crawling around in my parents' backyard pretending to be a dog.
Carter: Doggy want bucket.
Me: Okay, but don't put it in your mouth, it's dirty. He had just watched Fezzik carry it around in his mouth.
Carter: Put it in my hands... Put it in my paws.

I was running with the kids in the double stroller. 
Carter: Mommy, you running around?
Me: Yes, I am.
Carter: You running around being crazy?!

Carter: Sissy still little.
Me: That's right, but it won't be long until she's big like you.
Carter: And then she can eat apples, mimis (that's what he still calls bananas), and candy bars!

"That's a good dea!" Meaning idea

"That's not my favorite." He says this all the time! Usually about a book he doesn't want to read!

We were on a walk with Harper when a couple dogs started barking at us.
"Mommy, those dogs driving you crazy?"

"That's amazing!" is a big one right now and he'll use it as a question too. He'll point something out and say, "Mommy, that amazing?"

While I was making dinner one night Carter got a new outfit and started changing all by himself, even putting shoes on.
Carter: I getting dressed up.
Me: I see that, what for?
Carter: For daddy when he come over!

I want to record some cute ways he pronounces words that I haven't documented yet.

Blueberry is bluebay 
Videos is wegos and I'm sometimes tricked into thinking he said Legos
Living room sounds like reedin room
For helicopter he says airplanecopter
Sweet potatoes are sweet po-tables
Elephant in elephalant

Then there's the mixing up of pronouns that cracks me up:
"What her doing?"
"You want to come with we?"

Funny Stories:

He was coloring and all the sudden brought me a towel asking me to put water on it. Then he went over to his picture and started wiping on a spot where he colored outside the lines and sadly exclaimed, "Oh, not working!"

He was reading a book and would stop to point at shapes, asking me what shape they were. When I responded he told me, "Good job, mommy!"

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another Year Older

It wasn't until I talked to my best friend, Erin, that I realized this year was a special birthday for me. She called it my golden birthday. I turned 29 years old on the 29th of July. Pretty cool really! It was also a golden birthday because I got to spend the entire day with my precious children! Did I feel older when I woke up? Nope! Do I feel older than I did a year ago? Heck yes! I feel older and wiser and happier. I'm now the mom of 2 and life is good. Things are going so much smoother this time around with Elise because I know what I'm doing. Or at least know what I'm doing better!

Right now Krispy Kreme has birthday cake batter doughnuts. I've been itching to try them for a while so the night before my birthday we picked some up. I had a coupon for basically half off a dozen doughnuts so we bought an assorted dozen. The morning of my birthday I got up early to run before Ty headed to work so I could get my run in without the stroller. It gives me more time to play with Carter before we head for a morning outing and it lets Elise take a morning nap in her crib which works better for her. I headed out for 3 miles and when I returned Ty met me at the door to say good bye. Both Carter and Elise were still asleep. It was eerily quiet and I didn't know quite what to do without them. I decided first things first and hopped in the shower. I enjoyed bathing without constantly checking in with Carter and watching Elise. When I got out I dressed for the day and then started a pot of decaf coffee. I normally don't drink coffee but had decided to treat myself on my birthday. As I was getting ready to start some chores Elise woke up. Little Miss had slept in until almost 8! Carter was awake shortly after and I was so excited for our special breakfast. I pulled down the doughnuts so Carter could choose which one he wanted. He chose a birthday cake batter doughnut so I gave him half of one and then I pulled out the same kind of doughnut for myself. As I poured myself a mug of coffee Carter asked for some too so I made him a little mug of chocolate milk. I put a candle for us to blow out in my doughnut and Carter wanted one too so I got him one. He actually sang me Happy Birthday and then we blew out our candles. Even though he had a candle of his own he still understood it was my birthday, not his. We enjoyed our breakfast while Elise sat in the Bumbo watching us. It was the perfect start to the day!
After breakfast Elise went down for a nap. Carter and I were off to get dressed and read some books while I baked some sweet potatoes for lunches and for dinner later in the week. When the sweet potatoes were out of the oven we got busy baking my birthday cake which I had picked out during our grocery store trip on Monday. Carter was quite excited about it. He picked out all the decorations and I told him we would decorate the cake after nap time. He kept talking about how Oma, Opa, Uncie J, Uncie Taco, and daddy would be over for cake and pointed out pieces they were going to get. As the cake baked we read more books and prepared to blow bubbles outside. Literally as we were walking outside armed with the monitor Elise woke up. We headed back in to get her and while we were at it I changed her diaper and had Carter go potty. Then Carter blew some bubbles outside while I got the stroller out and ready to walk to storytime at the library about a quarter mile from our house. I loaded Elise and our bag of library books right around the time Carter dumped out the small cup of bubbles I'd poured for him (I only pour a small amount in his cup and tell him if he pours it out we're done because he pretty much always dumps it out after a while). That meant it was the perfect time to head out. Carter wanted to ride which was unusual but worked great because we were running a little late. Elise was awake so she got to get of the stroller for storytime. I love it when she's awake because she gets to interact and listen to the read alouds. At the end of storytime the librarian got out a parachute which the kids loved playing with. Then she announced its time for bubbles. Carter absolutely loves the bubble machine and I was lucky enough to catch his reaction to her saying it was bubble time in a photo. The pure joy he displays in the picture is something else. The storytime is called stay and play so after bubbles she brought out toys. Carter walked around playing with different things. I played with a container of musical instruments with Elise, playing them for her and then helping her play them. After storytime we checked out books and headed home. Carter walked on the way home and found a giant stick to play with.
Mixing the batter for my birthday cake.
I was wearing a hair tie on my wrist so he grabbed one as we were leaving, cracks me up!
Elise enjoying read alouds.
Carter's favorite part of the parachute time was when they got under it.
Carter's reaction to hearing it's time for bubbles.
We got home just in time for lunch. Elise went right down for a nap and Carter and I decided to eat a picnic lunch on the front porch because the mosquitoes are terrible in our backyard. When we were finished we blew bubbles for a bit. Elise started to wake up as we headed inside so I quickly got Carter down for nap. Then it was feeding and snuggle time with Elise before she went back to sleep. I uploaded pictures and published a Wordless Wednesday post while both kids slept. Then Elise woke up as she had been struggling to begin with. I went and got her out of her crib. We read a couple of books and then I took her to bed with me while I took a short nap.
We were having leftover spaghetti so I had him take his shirt off.
Snuggle time with Elisey Girl!
I love cuddling up to her for a little nap!
I woke up after 30 minutes and went to the kitchen to clean. Right as I walked in Carter woke up so we got started on cake decorating. Carter wanted me to ice the cake and then he took over from there. He had picked out some presents and party hats that were made out of sugar. I had to be really careful peeling them off the paper. One of them broke so I let Carter eat it and after that he'd point to the one he wanted next and say, "Oh no, broken!" He's so funny! When we were finished Carter wanted to read books so we sat in our reading chair and read library books. We found out my dad had a lot to do at work and had gotten a migraine partway through the day so my parents weren't going to be able to make it for my birthday. Carter took the news surprisingly well because he was so sure his Uncies "felt good" and would come over. I had told him Opa wasn't feeling well so they weren't coming. His immediate response was, "Uncie Taco, Uncie J feel good?" Thomas decided not to come over because he had a lot to do at his house, but Jeremy still planned to come. Carter was content with that.
Snuggle time with Carter while reading.
When Ty got home we went out to eat at the sushi restaurant he's taken me to every year for my birthday excluding the one when I was pregnant! Carter was very well behaved at dinner which made for a very enjoyable outing. When we got home Jeremy came over for cake and Carter actually sang me Happy Birthday along with Jeremy and Ty. The past few birthdays we've celebrated he got upset when everyone started singing and wouldn't join in. I gave Elise a bath and then headed out to take Harper on a walk while Ty bathed Carter. I'm trying to commit to taking Harper on a daily walk again and sometimes it's hard to get in! When I got back the house was quiet with sleeping babes so Ty and I sat down to relax and enjoy some television. Then it was off to bed! The celebrating didn't stop there as we will celebrate with my parents this weekend along with celebrating their anniversary. I had such a wonderful birthday and I'm looking forward to what my 29th year has to bring. Thanks to timehop I got to travel back on memory lane for some birthdays past. While all those years were fun, I'm so glad to be 29!
We've taken a picture in front of this same statue at the restaurant for my birthday every year.
This year Carter was just over 2.5 years old and Elise was 4 months old!
Last year Carter was just over a year and a half old.
2 years ago when Carter was 7 months old!
While I'm looking back at old pictures, 3 years ago we had Carter's gender reveal the day before my birthday and then I felt him kick for the first time on my birthday!
4 Years Ago as newlyweds (just over 2 weeks after our wedding)
5 years ago, the first year we lived in the same town and the first year Ty took me to this restaurant.
Which was also the year Ty put the 4 candle on my cake backwards.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Sharing a bed with Carter was interesting as he liked to lay across the head of the bed!
I went to the bathroom during the middle of the night and then took a picture to show how little space I had. I was sleeping in between the Pack N Play and Carter's feet.
Walking on a caterpillar statue in front of the butterfly house.
Showing off the brick with their names on it in front of the butterfly house.
Just hanging out with Uncie J!
Bed hog!

Apparently he's always done this and I just forgot!
I was trying to give Elise a diaper change but Carter had other plans.
I love the now and then pictures you can make in timehop!
In the special Chinese exhibit at the Magic House.
Trying out equipment they have on Chinese playgrounds. This one looked like an elliptical to me.
Elise enjoying the Magic House in her baby carrier.
Building boats/Dumping foam sails into the water.
Elise woke up for just long enough to play in the infant area of the Magic House.


Part of Carter's fan club.

Sweet girl always wakes up so happy!

Elise with Ty's cousins, Megan and Brody.
Elise hanging out with Garrett, Megan's son.
Exhausted after swimming at White Water, ready for a nap.
She was so proud when she got ahold of the umbrella handle.
Quinn and Thomas missed each other!
Elise was crying so we stopped to give her a diaper change. Carter wanted to hold her and give her kisses before she went back in her car seat.
Elise cried pretty much the whole way home so Carter offered up his Buddy.
She was still crying so he passed up his favorite, Big Al. It was the sweetest gesture!
Carter checking out a fire truck with Ty's cousin, Amber's son Ethan.
In the fire truck.
Ethan holding Elise in the fire truck.
We were out of food after our trip so Carter had his first lunchable. He was very creative when making his sandwich!
Ty's Aunt Brenda and Elise at the splash pad.
Ethan and Carter checking on Elise while at the splash pad.
Harper wanted to lay with Elise.
When I picked Elise up Carter wanted to lay with Harper.

Carter with his Big Al and Elise with her Big Allison.
She loves her Big Allison!
Carter wanted toilet paper for the potty just like me so he pottied and then ran to the bathroom and got some toilet paper which he threw on top of the potty.
Elise has hit that age where she careens around to see if I'm coming to check on her.

Then she melts me by grabbing my hand and pulling it down to her face when I give her her pacifier.
Watching doughnuts be made while at Krispy Kreme to pick up doughnuts for my birthday.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
Trip pictures courtesy of my mom's camera.
I'm always so impressed with how attentive Carter is during read alouds at storytime!
Playing with a parachute at storytime.
On our walk home from the library he found a giant stick to play with.