Thursday, October 31, 2019

Wordless Thursday

Carter on his field trip to the Gilcrease Museum.
Jammy day at school!
So Elise wanted to wear jammies too!
Mummy and Me party at Carter's school.

Pin the mouth on the skeleton.

Oma and Opa got Elise jammies that came with a matching pair for her doll.

Oma helping Elise with her Lego set.
Super excited about Elise's new loft bed!

Little bit of football on Sunday.
Hot chocolate beard!
Tesla was super sad she couldn't nap with Elise. She even tried to climb the slide.
Ready to carve pumpkins!

Elise's pumpkin, she carved it mostly on her own!

Carter's pumpkin with it's tongue sticking out which he did all by himself!

Elise fell asleep on the way to school on Tuesday. That's what a busy weekend and no naps will do to a girl!

Ready for the Halloween party at the library!
Gelatin brains.
Making potions.

Trying out some punch.
Decorating a bag.
Trick or treating in the library.

Decorating mason jars as pumpkins.

Making a pinecone spider.

We had some fun with Snapchat on Halloween.

Trick or treating at our neighbor's house.
Trick or treating at Carol's house.
When your neighbor is so awesome she also has treats for the dog!
Dinner before trick or treating with friends.
Ready to trick or treat!