Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 20 Bumpdate

August 22, 2012
Our 20 week appointment was today.  The first thing the doctor did when he walked into the room was ask about our gender reveal party.  When he started the ultrasound he immediately said if it’s born a girl he will pay for her to go to college.  He is that sure it’s a boy.  From what he pointed out in the ultrasounds, it was also pretty obvious to us it is a boy.  Just for fun, part way through the ultrasound, he switched over to 4D.  In those pictures you can see baby’s face including eyes, nose, and lips!  It was pretty amazing!  We got to hear the heartbeat, but I was so excited about seeing the 4D view that I forgot to ask what his bpm was.  Oh well!  According to their scale, I've gained 8 pounds so far.
Side view of Baby Cox's head.
I know I have confused a lot of you and I’m off to do it again!  Our original due date was January 9th.  When we went in for our first appointment the baby was measuring a week small, so I changed my weekly updates to reflect a smaller baby and made them one week behind what our original calculation was.  I also told people that we now had a later due date although the doctor hadn’t told us he changed the due date.  So I asked at the last appointment if our due date had been changed and the doctor said no, it was still January 9th.  This time I asked if baby was still measuring small.

According to the original calculation I should be 20 weeks, 0 days today.  The doctor measured baby and said he’s measuring 20 weeks, 0 days and is in the 41st percentile.  So I am skipping week 19 in the pictures so I don’t have to record baby’s size as a week small since he isn’t.  Whew, why did I ever change it in the first place?!?
Baby Cox in 4D
This past weekend we started our baby registry at Target.  I found a few different places online that gave ideas on what to register for.  One I found super helpful can be found here.  I also went off of 1st Month Must Haves I saw on different mommy blogs.  I ended up making a checklist in excel so we could mark off what we registered for and keep track of which store we registered for it at.

Baby is now developing sleep patterns and likely even has a favorite sleeping position.  He is focusing his energy on gaining weight from now on and consequently so am I!  I should be gaining about a pound a week from now on.  So we should really see some big changes in our weekly pictures!   

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