Thursday, February 7, 2013

Week 11 Bumpdate

June 27, 2012

We had our 2nd doctor’s appointment today.  It was amazing how much the baby has grown and developed since our last appointment just 4 weeks ago!  We not only got to hear the heartbeat, but also got to see the heart beating.  This time the heart was beating 164 beats per minute and the baby measured just under 2 inches.  We couldn’t believe how mobile our little guy was!  He/she was kicking and tossing around the whole time.  We saw the baby kick out his/her legs and put his/her hand up by his/her head.  Our first view of the baby was of the side and then he/she flipped around and showed his/her back.  It was so amazing!  I just wish I could feel all that movin and shakin!!!!  I asked to make sure there was still just one baby and was assured that it was just one baby.  I saw something by the baby’s leg and asked what it was.  The doctor said it was the umbilical cord and changed the view to show the red and blue of the blood flow to and from the baby.  Our next appointment is in 4 weeks on July 25th.    The doctor told us we could find out the gender at that appointment.  More information to come about the big gender reveal!!!!  
On Saturday we ran the Color Run in Kansas City.  Check out their website here.  If you run this race, I would recommend using a handkercheif or something similar to cover your face while running through color stations or you will end up with powder in your nose and mouth.  It was a lot of fun and wasn’t timed.  We had talked about all running together (Ty, me, my mom, and my dad).  The race was huge and very crowded.  My dad and I got separated from my mom and Ty, so we ended up not running all together.  I ran faster than the last few races when I had run with Ty and it felt really good.  It’s been hard for me to hold back as much as I have.  At our doctor’s appointment he told us he would be really surprised if the baby didn’t make it when I asked what our chances are of miscarriage at this point.  I haven’t been as worried about running and have been able to run a little bit faster.

My best friend is moving out of Kansas City and we happened to be there for the race, so we helped her move.  I was exhausted.  At one point I was vacuuming her apartment and got super out of breath.  How can I run a 5K no problem, but then get out of breath doing everyday household chores?  So weird!

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