Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 21 Bumpdate

August 30, 2012

Is it really possible for Baby Cox to grow 4 inches in one week?  It is hard to believe he went from 6 and a half inches last week to 10 and a half inches this week.  I do feel MUCH bigger this week though!  I think I read something about the way babies are measured changing, so it could have to do with that.  The para who helps out in our classroom told me yesterday it looked like I had grown overnight.  I told her it sure felt like I had!  It’s so much fun to get comments that I actually look pregnant.  Never fails to bring a huge smile to my face!  I had a student come up to me and share a helpful hint he had learned from his dad, he said “My dad gave me a hint.  You know the skinnier you are, the longer you live.”  I smiled and asked him if he was trying to give me a tip.  He stood and stared at my belly and finally came up with, “Well, it’s bad if you get too skinny too because the wind can blow you over.”  Gotta love it!
Wearing raincoats waiting to start the race.
We ran a 5K this past weekend.  It had rained all morning and there were puddles all over the road.  Turning the corner to the finish there was a big puddle and I stepped in it.  I didn’t realize it was a hole filled with water and when my foot went into it I lost my balance and fell down.  I was worried about bumping my tummy so I fell weird and really skinned up my knees.  Luckily I didn’t bump my belly at all.  I figured I would be a lot slower than the last 5K, but I was only about 10 seconds slower finishing in 24:24.
About half-way through the race.

Ty running toward the finish with me cheering him on.
Right after I finished with blood running down my legs.  You can really see my belly!

Baby Cox now has eyebrows and eyelids.  All of his facial features are formed and he is growing hair on his head!  Basically he looks like a miniature version of what he will look like when he’s born.  Going off our last ultrasound, I think he gets his legs from his daddy!  The 4D ultrasound showed some muscular calves!  His sense of touch is now developing.  When I rub or gently touch my stomach he sometimes kicks in response.  His favorite things to kick are Skippy, seat belts, and my running shorts (the bands are growing very tight)!  Skippy still loves to lay across my belly and now when he does, it gets Baby Cox kicking like crazy!  I’ve even seen Skippy bounce ever so slightly as he was sitting on my belly.  It’s truly amazing!  Can’t wait to see where another week takes us! 

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