Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 17 Bumpdate

August 9, 2012

I feel like my belly has really started to pop this week!  I now only have one pair of regular pants that fit comfortably, so I have moved on to maternity pants most days.  Thank goodness for my friend, Erin, I have lots of choices.  Otherwise I would be wearing jeans in this heat!  They are the only maternity pants I bought.  I can see the bump from the front now, not sure if others can though. 
I was really excited today because I got my first comment on my belly bump from someone outside the family.  One of the parents of a student I tutor said I was getting a cute, little baby bump!  That was my first comment that wasn’t “You don’t look pregnant!”  So I was really excited!!!!  I know people are just trying to be nice, but I get so tired of hearing that I don't look pregnant.  Mostly because I really want to have a baby bump, but also because I think: seriously people, do you really think this is how my tummy always looked??!!

I've been growing my hair out to donate for Locks of Love for quite a while now.  I was getting really tired of my long hair, so I had Ty measure it this weekend and it was long enough to donate.  So I made a rash decision on Saturday to go to Super Clips and chop it off!  I've donated my hair 4 times now.  It is such a great organization.  Check out their website here.  So many times I see people who get a bunch of hair chopped off and I ask them if they donated it.  It always surprises me to hear them say no because they didn't have 12 inches.  I'm not sure where that idea comes from, but the minimum length is 10 inches.  Just wanted to throw that out there in case some of you had been given mis-information.  If your hair is layered, you can do each layer separately.  I think that's why it doesn't look like my hair is all that much shorter!

Ty’s company picnic this weekend was at a minor league baseball game.  I’m not much of a baseball fan.  Who am I kidding, I’m not a baseball fan at all!  My lack of interest in the game combined with being pregnant, (not being able to drink beer because that’s the best part of a baseball game, right?) sitting in super uncomfortable seats, and the blazing summer temperatures made for a semi-unpleasant evening.  I don’t recommend going to a baseball game pregnant!  

Baby Cox has been growing so much lately!  His skeleton is now hardening and he is growing fingernails and toenails.  He is also working on his sucking and swallowing reflexes and his sweat glands are developing.  He’s going to need them in this Oklahoma heat!  Today we had a “cold front” and experienced a high of 102!  Ty and I have been using a stethoscope pretty much every day to check and see if we can hear baby’s heartbeat.  We haven’t yet, but are so excited to be able to listen to it at times other than our doctor appointments!

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