Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week 35 Bumpdate

December 5, 2012
 Monday night I washed laundry and started putting everything away in baby’s room.  There is so much stuff!  I can’t believe how many toys, clothes, and gadgets baby has been blessed with.  But of course, my favorite, the overflowing book shelves of books!!!  It is amazing to know how loved he already is without even debuting his precious self!  

We had our 35 Week appointment today.  I have gained 25 pounds.  I had my swab for Group B Strep and afterward the doctor asked if I wanted him to check to see if I was dilated.  I was a bit surprised, thinking, would I really be dilated this early?!  He said since it’s my first baby there would probably be no developments, but he could check.  I was pondering it and the nurse said, I can tell she wants to know, do it!  The doctor remarked on how low baby is and was very impressed.  Turns out I’m already 2-2.5 centimeters dilated and about 80% effaced.  Whoa!  That was a surprise!  The doctor said he wouldn’t be surprised if I had the baby in 3 weeks, 2 weeks before the due date.  He mentioned again that it was unusual for a first pregnancy and then joked that maybe our due date was off.  

We looked on the calendar and 3 weeks would be December 26th.  I’m hoping baby holds off a little longer after Christmas for his sake, but it sure did get me excited thinking we could be seeing him that soon.  My next appointment is in 2 weeks at 37 weeks, so we’ll see how baby is doing then.  We might get a better idea of when he will arrive.  But you just never know!

This weekend was quite exciting!  Ty’s grandma and grandpa came to visit Friday evening and brought us the fabulous handmade crib.  We got the crib all set up and ready to go.  My parents and Thomas also came for the weekend to run the Jingle Bell 5k.  Ty and mom both ran the race with me.  Boy was it different than my last 5k!  I ran 6 minutes slower than I had at the Mustache Dash (30 weeks pregnant) and finished in 32:04.  Thursday we had gone to a Holiday Light Fun Run and I had to stop and walk due to contractions (first time I’ve had to walk during a run).  After that I was a bit worried for the 5K.  It ended up going better than I’d expected, but it was rough.  The course had a couple hills and the down hills caused me to feel lots of pressure in my belly, well more like my pelvis!  I told Ty that I will not be running over 2 miles for the rest of the pregnancy!
On Saturday my mom took pregnancy pictures for us.  We will probably do more later on as well, but we figured we better get some now just in case.  Then we went to Target and Baby’s R Us and used gift cards we had gotten at our showers.  We were able to hang our Curious George pictures and got the changing table set up with blue baskets we found at Target.  Baby’s room is now all ready.  Ty also installed the car seat so that is ready to go!  Just waiting on Baby…  

I was looking at our “Guess Baby Cox’s Birthday” hanging from the Gender Reveal Party.  If the doctor’s estimate for Baby’s arrival ends up being correct, Great-Grandma Hurford will have the closest guess with December 30th.  She and Great-Grandpa Hurford were the only ones to guess baby would have a December birthday.  We will see.  I can’t wait!  We just keep getting closer! 

Right now baby’s hearing is fully developed and most of his basic physical development is complete.  He’s just putting on weight and plumping up to prepare for the outside world.  We may be seeing him sooner than I thought!

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