Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week 27 Bumpdate

October 11, 2012
Ty finished painting in the baby’s room and we’ve gotten so much done with the furniture and decorating.  It’s starting to look like a baby could live in it!  I found the diaper bag I really liked online for less than in stores, so we ordered it and I got it this week.  It was very exciting!  Things are starting to come together.

This week I started feeling more Braxton Hicks contractions.  I thought it was really early for that, but looked it up and found that it was fairly normal.  It’s really exciting to me that my body is starting to prepare for labor and delivery.  It makes it so much more real that he will be coming soon!  Next Wednesday is my next doctor’s appointment.  I will be having my glucose test.  Cross your fingers that all goes well!  

This weekend Ty went with my parents to run the Tough Mudder, an 11 mile obstacle course race (yeah, I know, crazy!).  I will be staying behind for the first birthday party of Hayden, my friend Erin’s baby.  Hard to believe he’s already a year old.  I know it will be a short time before our little baby will be having his first birthday.  I can’t even imagine that right now!
This weekend I went out for a long run and my Garmin (which has been slowly but surely petering out) wouldn’t pick up satellites.  I was planning on running 7 miles, but I didn’t know a 7 mile course, I only knew an 8 mile course.  Back in high school and college, my real training days, I had a thing for even miles.  The only time I ran an odd numbered distance was 3 miles in a 5K.  Weird, I know!  So I decided to run 8 miles.  

During the run I started thinking, 8 miles is only 5 miles away from a half-marathon.  I bet I could run a half-marathon.  When I got pregnant I had been training for the Route 66 Half-Marathon.  It’s one of my favorite races and I’ve run either the half or full all but 2 of the years it’s been around.  Check out their website here.  I thought I would still run it until I counted it out and realized I would be 8 months pregnant on race day.  I figured it was not possible or a good idea, but on my run I was starting to think otherwise.  I decided that I would ask the doctor what he thought at my next appointment.

Baby has grown and developed so much.  His brain and neurons are growing at a rapid page.  If born today he would have an 85% chance of surviving because his lungs can breathe air (with medical help).  It’s amazing to me that we are at that point!  It makes me so glad I have made as much progress on my maternity plans as I have!

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