Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Wordless Wednesday

Carter making a cube during math while talking about 3D shapes.
Playing Elise's new LOL Surprise game she was supposed to get for her birthday but I forgot about because it was in a different hiding place.
I found alphabet stickers and got excited to create an activity for Elise with them.
Elise playing at our coin center.
She was very excited that her cash register was part of the center.
Sorting coins into the Ziplock bags, it was so cute.

Carter cracked me up wearing headphones that weren't plugged into anything.
The kids playing together in the coin center, it was so cute!
Carter showing off his 3D Shape Museum, we had talked about spheres and cubes so far.
Playing time match to practice with telling time.
He loves math games!
Making shapes with stickers Ty brought home that were left over at work after inventory.

The kids thought it was so funny that Tesla got on my yoga mat with me, they asked to borrow my phone to take a picture.
Oma and Opa sent Elise a new backpack so she asked to go on a walk so she could wear it.

She stopped about a tenth of a mile in to eat the stick cheese she packed in her backpack in case she needed a snack during her walk.
The Elsa boots were also new from Oma and Opa.
Elise kept asking me to make the area under her bed into a cave again so we did it for "Fun Friday" and did reading in the cave.
Showing off her new Elsa boots.
We went to the train near our house so I could do a Facebook Live video for my class since our week's learning theme was transportation.

Showing their height compared to the wheels.

Carter created a new comic strip hero.
Another day, another visitor on my mat.
FaceTime read aloud with Oma and Opa.

Elise outgrew her bike so we got her a bigger one. It came with a stuffed dog in the basket which she adores!

Loving on her stuffed dog in the car after one of the birthday parades we went to.
Sleeping together again and Elise had her stuffed dog all snuggled in.
Fishing at Keystone Lake.
Hiking at Keystone Dam on Twin Rivers Trail.
Campfire fun while camping.
Some yummy food!
Tesla was such a good girl while camping!
Hat day for virtual spirit week.
Playing Bingo with Spanish words to practice their meaning. I said the word in English and he had to cover the word in Spanish.
Matching upper case and lower case letters.
Got home from my run and Elise asked me to take her on a run.
More shape sticker fun.
Making a rectangular prism while talking about 3D shapes.

Showing off his rectangular prisms in the shape museum.
Elise asked me to come outside for a dance recital. I thought I was in the audience but when I got outside I was informed I was part of the performance. When I told her I didn't know the dance, she told me it was all written on the paper. Then showed me this paper. Alright, I have the dance down!
The kids made a zoo for their animals with different enclosures
Making a cylinder.
Showing off his 3D Shape Museum.
Enjoying a family walk.
Spending some time in the tornado shelter.
Carter reading a chapter to Oma and Opa.
Riding bikes to our picnic area.
Making cones while talking about 3D shapes.
Elise wanted to make a cone as well.
Elise made a friend named Kyra Charlee, taped it to the table, and asked me to leave it there.
Carter following along with his art teacher's lesson.
He made an origami boat.