Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Carter posed for pictures for one of my friends at the zoo.

Walking to the school so I could run laps to get my mile in while the kids played.

Elise playing in the dirt while I ran.

Carter loved passing me while I was running.

Elise wanted buns in her hair.

We walked to QuikTrip for 49 cent cones and picked up half price doughnuts for breakfast the following day.

Elise helping make homemade pizza.

Carter helping Uncie Taco with mulch.

Paws for Reading.

Ty made these for my race mugs for my birthday.

Carter crying because he thought daddy was home and was so disappointed when he realized he wasn't.

Carter helping Elise see so she could watch them make our sushi.

Sushi Fork for my birthday.

Elise took this one.

Harry Potter Birthday Blowout at the library. They made balloon owls.

Cheersing with butter beer.

With our favorite librarian.

Elise was sorted into Hufflepuff and Carter was sorted into Slytherin.

Listening to Magic Tree House playaway audiobooks.