Friday, January 31, 2020

Wordless Friday

Elise making a bird's nest at the Raptor Rally.

Checking out her wing span.
She decided to make another nest for Carter because he was at a sleep over.
Ty picked Carter up and he got to come later.
Seeing a golden eagle.
Elise was super excited she got to pet Skippy!
The kids made a club house by the shed in the backyard.
His sign said, "Please do not come in! Unless you're a kid and you've asked other people that are grown ups."
Playing in the mud.
She's really gotten into posing for pictures.
Checking out the new exhibit at the Children's Museum called "The Floor is Lava".
Carter figured out a way to make it up the warp wall.
In the workshop at the Children's Museum.
She made a bridge for the city display.
Elise sleeps with her arm through her big Otty's arms and her hand through her little Otty's hands. When she rolls over, it's hilarious because her Otties roll with her.
Ready for Meals on Wheels with her new purse and coloring book from Oma and Opa.
She fell asleep on the way to pick Carter up from school.
Elise is obsessed with her Cuddle Duds and wants to wear them as clothes and as pajamas!
Fell asleep on the way to pick Carter up again and slept the whole way home too!
Got my Route 66 award!
Messy Art Club at the library.

Carter said he was Olaf.
Cute Valentine's Day outfit from Oma and Opa.
I asked Elise is I could get a picture of her in her new shirt from Oma and Opa so she did a bunch of poses for me.

Making cookies with leftover pie crust.
Took Elise to lunch at McAlister's with my Christmas money.
She said, "Look, I painted my fingernails!"
She wanted to take her Scruff a Loves on a walk.
Wearing her 2 favorite purses to go volunteer in the library at Carter's school.

Impromptu visit to the Gathering Place after school.

Went for a run as the sun was setting and it was gorgeous!