Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Carter has been playing and reading at his desk a lot during rest time.
Harper gets no privacy, Elise ran over to watch her poop! Haha
We had a turtle visitor in our backyard!

Carter drew a picture of Catboy from PJ Masks.
Carter got in the shade to look over the map at the zoo.
Carter loves climbing this rock at the zoo.
Elise was standing there smiling while saying "cheese" to strangers so I went over and took her picture.
There was a ladybug in Elise's hair and Carter pulled it out for her.
I tried out making a cake from Mastering the Art of French Cooking after reading My Life in France by Julia Child and then Julie and Julia by Julie Powell. It was delicious!
I came out and they were having a picnic, it was so cute!
Ty got Elise dressed and accidentally put her dress on backward.
We spent the weekend cleaning out the garage and the kids did a great job entertaining themselves.
Another recipe from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, chicken breasts and mushrooms in cream sauce. Delicious!
Ty gave the kids dinner on the couch while watching a movie so we could have a little date dinner in the living room.
They wanted a picture with the pirate ship at the library.
Ready for a concert at the library.
Carter got to go on stage as part of the band at the concert, he's in the middle in the orange shirt and navy blue shorts.
Ready to get his stitches out.
Reading while we waited on the doctor.
Elise wanted to sit with Carter while we waited on the doctor.
She shoved the shoe in her mouth as I was taking a picture!
We found the tote of Mr. Potato Heads in the garage. The kids have been loving them!
It is always so difficult to get Elise to move on from the otters, she loves them!
After Carter walked off Elise climbed up and said "cheese!"
Watching the jaguars eat.
They were worn out from our morning at the zoo!