Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thanks for the Reminder

One thing about being a working mom was that it forced me to make the most of every moment. When I was with Carter he was my only focus and I dropped everything to play with him. Each moment I had with him was a gift and I cherished it. Every once in a while now I get caught up in cleaning house, doing yard work, folding laundry, and being active. I just forget to slow down. I keep us busy with morning play dates and activities so when nap time rolls around I lay the kids down and rush off to get to business. Normally I do all the cleaning during naptime but with a play date at our house this morning I raked leaves yesterday after naps and vacuumed the house this morning. I was so focused on having the house really clean and tidy that I lost focus on what the purpose of the play date was, for Carter to have fun! Carter had a blast this morning and then came nap time. I laid him down and left per usual but heard him talking in his room and when I went in he asked me to read a book so I did. Later I walked by and heard him making noise only to find him on the floor playing. He asked me to lay with him so I did. I laid there until he fell asleep and then I started to get up. As I did Carter reached over in his sleep and grabbed my hand. I looked at him and was reminded to slow down. To enjoy every moment, even the little ones. I laid there watching him sleep, holding his hand, feeling his pulse, listening to him suck his thumb in his sleep and I was reminded. Moments like that are what life is all about. So thank you Carter for reminding me to slow down, to appreciate all the little moments. Who cares if I don't get the windows cleaned until tomorrow, I held my baby's hand while he was sleeping. It's a gift that I can now do that. A moment I would have missed before. It reminded me to be thankful for every moment, every day, every conversation. When I was finally getting up after watching Carter sleep I heard Elise wake up in her room. Instead of feeling frustration that I wouldn't get to complete any chores during naptime, I felt excitement that I would get to spend some one-on-one time with her. Why is it that children have to remind us what is important in life?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Mermaid dive at the aquarium.
Making a craft during aqua tots.
Carter made a friend at storytime.
Telling Oma bye before she left for a wedding.
Elise and Addison are really starting to enjoy each other.
Elise's first sips of water.
The mermaid fell asleep in the car on the drive to the race.

Telling Opa bye before he left for the wedding.
Addison and Elise in their Halloween outfits.
They are both teething!
Carter and Hayden enjoy playing together as well.
Enjoying popcorn at a playdate.
Making a craft with his buddy, Grant.
Took a break from playing to read some books.

He told me this was his shark costume.
Elise decided 45 minutes was a long enough nap so we played around before napping together in my bed.
Napping in mommy and daddy's bed. She had a hard time getting back on schedule after our busy weekend.
Carter saw Elise in the car and came over to help her. He'd push buttons and laugh at her reactions.
He loves to run/walk before getting in the stroller for me to run.
Sissy ready for a special Halloween storytime at the library.
Batman and Robin ready for storytime.
Making a skeleton craft at storytime with daddy.
Checking out ducks at the pumpkin patch.
Carter just jumped on in Kirsten's wagon.
Jake, Carter, and Laney in the giant chair. Made us think of Papa.
Carter was so excited to ride all by himself.
Cutest pumpkin in the patch!
Carter and Jake are still so cute together!
Eating his lunch at the pumpkin patch.