Monday, February 4, 2013

Back Tracking

When I told my parents I was starting a blog and gave them the reasons why, my dad suggested I go back and post my weekly pregnancy updates.  I had documented each week of my pregnancy and sent out e-mails to family and close friends.  He thought I should go back and post each of those weekly updates.  I had typed the updates in Microsoft Word before sending them out because I wanted to save them.  So adding them to my blog now will be really easy.

Due to the nature of this blog I will also be adding some posts about running during pregnancy.  I kept notes on all the races I did and my daily runs.  I figured the information would benefit me in a later pregnancy if I wanted to remember how I'd done things before.  Maybe there are some expecting mommas out there who are runners and would benefit from reading about a momma who had continued to run during pregnancy.  I searched for a blog like that when I was pregnant and never really found one.  I wanted to see what other pregnant runners had done.  It would solidify in my mind the fact that running while pregnant was safe.  I also wanted an idea of how much and how fast was safe.  I will share what I did and maybe that will help someone out there in the same situation I was.

I'm excited to read back over my "bumpdates" as I called them.  Since my baby is laying here sleeping peacefully I can't think of many things I'd rather do than reminisce on our pregnancy, well other than go out for a run! 

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