Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Special mommy and Carter date at Braum's!
He still wasn't feeling up to par with croup, but we had fun!
Elise and Carter snuggling in his bed.
Elise wanted to ride the tractor with Carter. I walked beside her in case she fell the whole time except when I took pictures, but she did great and held on really well!
Carter got really excited when he found a caterpillar in the grass!
Elise thought it was her turn to drive.
Clapping and singing at the Talking is Teaching event.
Carter meeting Clifford.
We attempted a family picture with Clifford but Elise was too scared of Clifford to look away, she didn't trust him!
The book was "Clifford the Firehouse Dog" so they had firetrucks for the kids to look at.
I just happened to catch Carter giving Elise a kiss.
Elise and Aunt Netta reading together.
Elise pointing at a truck on our walk.
I couldn't get a good picture of her putting sunglasses on because she was on the move!
Her sweet painted fingers thanks to Gma and Aunt Netta!
Carter wanted to hold my hand while we took Harper on a walk.
She's gotten really good at napping on runs now that I'm putting in more miles.
Picnic by the trains!
Showing me how big the wheel of the train was, as tall as him!
Showing how big this wheel was, as tall as me! I had just finished a run, just so you know why I look sweaty and yucky!
I asked Elise if she wanted peanut butter on her cracker and this was her response.
Then to make sure I understood she pulled her cracker away out of my reach.
10 minutes into our trip to the pool and everyone needed a snack break.
Jake saw geese and was excited to point them out to Carter and Elise.
Holding hands to cross the street.
These two are so darn cute!
Playing with a new toy Kirsten gave us that belonged to Lauren Elise.
Getting some baby snuggles in!
Prepping for my new nephew coming soon!