Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday morning when Carter and I headed into the kitchen for breakfast we were giddy with excitement. I had shared the news that Ty didn't have to work that day and Carter cried out, "Daddy gets to stay with yus?!" We then ran around the kitchen singing, "Daddy gets to stay home all day," while dancing around. Ty is in a new position at his job which has meant tons more hours at work. He leaves at 5:30 in the morning and gets home anywhere from 5:30-6 in the evening and he works Saturdays from 6 am to noon. Thanks to Memorial Day weekend, he got Saturday off as well as Monday! We almost didn't know what to do with 3 whole days home with daddy! But we figured it out and it was the best! We enjoyed a pretty lazy weekend with no planned activities. The weekend before we had a blast with volunteering at a 5k, Kids to Parks Day at a local park, Mayfest, and Hop Jam which kept us busy all weekend. So it was nice to have a weekend where we pretty much just relaxed at home. I had just finished reading Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven which is a memoir about the author's trip to 1986 communist China. The book reminded me of the all the freedoms I am fortunate enough to experience, thanks to the men and women who have fought for our country. It was the perfect read going into Memorial Day and reminded me to appreciate all of our soldiers.

Saturday morning we let Ty sleep in, but Carter was so excited that daddy was home, he kept going into our room to kiss Ty on whatever part of his body he could reach. It was the sweetest thing. Then during naptime my mom and dad came over to our house so Ty and I could shop for a new light fixture for our main bathroom remodel. It was silly, but it felt like a date. Ty and I really don't get much time alone together now that he needs to be in bed by 9:30 every night. It's usually an hour at most. So to have alone time together during the day where we were actually leaving the house was so exciting. We walked through the stores holding hands, sat by each other in the front of the car, and actually got to have conversations. That outing with Ty was one of the highlights of the weekend for me, so thank you mom and dad! That night mom made dinner and brought it over to our house to share. Then Ty and I stayed up late. We were a bit ridiculous, not realizing it was midnight until it was already upon us. Ty was sweet enough to let me sleep in but I was still wiped when I woke up so the morning meant a Starbucks run using gift cards I'd been hoarding. One of the gift cards we finished off I had received as a Christmas present when I was still teaching, if that gives you any idea how long I've been hoarding it! Starbucks is one of those very rare, I'm desperate for caffeine and would like a treat occasions for us and boy was it one of the most delicious caramel frappuccinos I had ever had! It also helped me feel human again so that was nice!

Monday morning we let Ty sleep in, brewed him a pot of coffee, and then quietly headed in a little after 9 am to wake him up. He got the smoker out and put a pork shoulder in to start smoking. I got Elise down for a morning nap while he and Carter started working on the bathroom remodel. Since Carter was having so much fun with Ty, I headed out to go for a trail run at Turkey Mountain as a special treat. It's somewhere I normally can't run because the trails are really rocky and crazy and not at all conducive to stroller runs. As I was heading out Carter was so sweet, asking me for a hug and a kiss and then yelling after me, "Have a good day. I love you, mommy!" I was so excited to run at Turkey Mountain. The view is amazing, looking out onto the river. It was such an awesome run and a different kind of challenge than my typical runs. My first mile was 10:14 with my second at 8:07, third at 9:04, and then fourth was 9:40 which gives you an idea of how hilly and difficult the run is but man I love it! It made me think about finding a trail run to participate in this fall. I came home to find Carter and Ty reading together. While I took a shower they Facetimed Gma and Gpa. I love seeing Carter with his daddy and the excitement he has for his daddy to be home just melts me. I know it is so important for me to leave every now and then to give him special one-on-one time with his daddy. He was so proud telling me how he had helped daddy while I was gone and what they had done.
Helping daddy in the bathroom.
I came home to this sweet sight!

That evening mom, dad, Jeremy, and Thomas all came over for dinner. We had Ty's delicious smoked pork shoulder with yummy sides and then followed that up with good ole fashioned s'mores! I love eating outside and the weather was perfect for it. It was in the 70's with a nice breeze. Much nicer than the 96 degree high from the previous day! It was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend and the best part is that tomorrow is already Tuesday so we are one day closer to a weekend with more time with Ty!

Side Note:

As luck would have it our AC crapped out on Friday going into Memorial Day weekend which meant brave the heat or pay big bucks to have it fixed on a holiday weekend. We just have luck like that with our water line breaking over Christmas in 2012. Thankfully the highest temperature of the weekend was 96 degrees on Saturday and we were able to spend most of our time either outside or with some portable fans/our clothes off, so it wasn't too bad. I am looking forward to having it fixed tomorrow though!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Funny Stuff Carter Says

"I'm pretty sure Opa's still going to be big when I get big. He'll be too big for me to carry. I'm still thinking that." Said randomly while driving in the car.

My mom gave us some oil to put on the kids in order to keep mosquitoes away. I told Carter what it was while I was putting it on him. We were playing outside and I looked over to see him rubbing oil all over his face.
Me: Carter, what are you doing?
Carter: I had a mosquito on my face, so I'm keeping them away!
Oil all over his forehead, haha!

"Let's snuggle to get warm!"

Me: Elise, you need to keep your hat on so you don't burn your sweet, little head!
Carter goes running inside and comes back wearing a stocking cap.
Carter: I got a hat so I won't burn my head!
Stocking cap in the spring, almost summer!

Carter: Can I have a fork please?
Me: You want a new fork?
Carter: Mhmm
Me: Why?
Carter: Because Harper got terrible doggy breath on mine.

"Mommy, I still can't sleep. I'm gonna try again."

Carter: Mommy, when another baby comes up, I'm going to name it Frita. Can I do that?
Me: I don't think we're going to have another baby.
Carter: You are just going to have 2 babies?!?
Me: Probably
Carter: Ohhhh, but I want this many (shows 4 fingers). Points to each finger and says, Carter, Elise, Frita, Pampa. 4 babies!

"Mommy, you're not driving good. Daddy usually drives good. You usually don't."

Carter: That was cute, mommy!
Me: What?
Carter: You hugging and kissing daddy.

I left the room and Elise started crying.
"Don't cry, sissy, just say mommy come back please and say it nicely. See there's mommy, she's back!"

"Riley is my friend. He scratched his leg at the splash pad and he likes rice because his name is Riley."

Me: I'm going to the potty. I'll be right back.
Carter: Okay, try to poop!

"Look, I'm climbing! Dr. Seuss doesn't like me to climb. He's a pretend doctor. He just doesn't like me climbing because it's not safe."

He calls one of the art museums we go to the baby museum and he calls Special K Red Berries, strawberry Raisin Bran.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Playing with Mr. Jones.
Elise was on a chair so Carter pulled a chair over and said they'd made a bridge.
Playing with his My Little Pony castle.
Eating a rib.

Carter's My Little Pony castle has been the favorite toy around here for the past week.

Messy face after leftover ribs for lunch.

Enjoying the Kids' Zone at a local festival.

Digging for fossils.

Elise digging for fossils.

Opa making a duck for Carter at the face painting station. (Carter's looking at a picture of his face painting).

Playing at the park with Opa during a special "Kids to Parks" day event.

Elise wanted to snuggle when she first woke up and Ty snapped a picture. I love it, but she looks so big!

Listening to Gma read him a book, thanks to Facetime.

I love it when he reads to himself!

More fossil digging at a different event.

Carter won a pixie stick and was thrilled!

Elise took off while I was getting her clothes out to change her out of her swimsuit!

She was insistent on playing in just her swim diaper!

I love that they find each other and want to play even in the middle of a busy playdate!

Watching Oma paint the bathroom.

It was the highlight of there day that Oma and Opa came over to work on the bathroom remodel.

Going to town on a pear. This is why I like to give her entire fruits, she is hilarious!

I was holding Elise so, of course, Carter had to be held!

Elise has gotten to where she likes to go sit on my friends' laps. It's very cute!

Carter and his friend spraying water at each other.