Thursday, February 7, 2013

Week 7 Bumpdate

We were still playing around with how to do the belly pictures.  At this point we were writing the number for the weeks on my hand.  I decided to do the photos without a shirt on to make it easier to compare my belly from week to week.

We had our first doctor's appointment today (May 30th).  Everything is looking really good.  The baby is measuring a bit small at about 7 weeks rather than 8 weeks.  I’m going to call this week 7 instead of 8 since early ultrasounds are supposed to be the most accurate way to tell gestational age.  We were able to hear baby’s heartbeat!  Baby’s heart was beating at 152 beats per minute.  Ever since discovering we were pregnant, I have been very worried that we are having twins.  I can’t imagine taking care of 2 babies at once!  During the ultrasound I double checked with our doctor and was given the great news that there is only ONE baby!!!!  
It was so amazing to see our baby for the first time!
 I asked a bunch of random questions I’ve been jotting down the past 3 weeks.  We talked about running and he said just to make sure my body temperature doesn’t get too elevated.  Since it is May and we live in Oklahoma, he said not to run in the evening.  It’s best for me to get out and run early in the morning when it is still cool (if 80-90 degrees counts as cool).  I had read that I should run at conversational pace and not get my heart rate above a certain number.  He said not to worry about those things, that body temperature is what I need to pay attention to. 

I am losing weight right now.  I think that mostly has to do with eating healthier once I found out I was pregnant and cutting back on desserts.  I actually haven’t even wanted to eat desserts lately, very weird for me!  We have our next appointment in 4 weeks and our doctor does an ultrasound at each visit so there are more pictures to come!

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