Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 18 Bumpdate

August 16, 2012

Whoa Belly!  And I thought my belly was really starting to pop last week!  We are on to the maternity pants and belly bands on a permanent basis now.  Not only do I look pregnant from the side, I also look pregnant from the front!  It’s crazy to look back at pictures from the first few weeks.  It’s hard to believe my tummy ever looked like that!
With my Aunt Judy visiting from New Jersey.
Whoa Baby!  This week baby is really working on his muscles and is practicing all kinds of moves including twisting, rolling, punching, and kicking.  With all that moving, I’ve been feeling him A LOT more!  Ty put his hand on my belly Sunday night and was able to feel Baby Cox kick for the first time.  Baby Cox hasn’t slowed down since.  Monday he was busy moving all day long.  He certainly has my attention.  Sometimes he kicks so hard I get distracted and forget what I was saying!  Other development news: his ears are fully formed and myelin is beginning to cover his nerves.  Along with sucking and swallowing, he has added yawning and hiccupping to his daily activities.

Whoa Doggies!  My feet have really started to hurt!  Today was our first day of school and I could barely walk by the end of the day.  Hopefully I will get used to being on my feet all day again!  With the start of school come the stories of the kiddos!  Today I had my belly poked by 3 different children, all very curious about a baby in my belly!  I put in the about me section of our Meet the Teacher pamphlet that I am expecting and most of the parents shared the information with their kids.  One little girl came up to me this morning and said “I heard you are having a baby boy” and when I said yes she looked at me for a moment and then poked my belly.  Two other students followed suit later in the day.  At one point my belly band must have slid up a bit and a little girl informed me my pants weren’t zipped.  I told her thank you and pulled the band down because I can’t zip the pants I was wearing!

I have my maternity leave all sorted out minus the substitute and lesson plans!  My leave will begin January 9th (assuming baby comes on time, if baby comes late it will begin later, if baby comes early I’ll miss the first 2 days back from Christmas break) and I will return March 25th, the Monday after spring break.  Then I will have just over 2 months before I get to spend ALL summer with him!  Thank goodness we found a daycare that is not only awesome but also allows Baby Cox to be home with me over the summer! 

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