Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Carter's First Snow

This winter has been really mild and we’ve had spring-like weather.  Yesterday it was 50 degrees and on Sunday it was 60!  It has been so nice to take Carter out without worrying about him getting too cold.  Today it is snowing for the second time all winter!  The first time it snowed it melted right as it hit the ground.  Today it is actually sticking to the ground!
When Ty was bustling around this morning searching for his coat (it’s been so long since he’s worn it, he didn’t even know where it was) I knew I had to take Carter outside for some pictures.  Luckily we have a 0-3 month snowsuit my friend, Erin, loaned me.  When Carter woke up, I bundled him up in a snowsuit and took him out for some pictures of his first snow.  
He was a bit confused by the snow.  When it started falling on his face he squinted his eyes and blinked and then decided to keep them closed all together.  He then opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue and started smacking his lips.  I think he was confused by the moisture.  It was quite cute and comical at the same time! 
It's almost as if he's beckoning the snow to fall on him.
I remember how much fun it was to watch our dog, Halle’s, first time in the snow.  She ran around frightened of what was falling until she realized our other dog, Harper, wasn’t afraid and then she tried to play with the snow.  Watching someone whether it’s an animal or a child experience something for the first time is so magical.  
Snow angels anyone?
The snowsuit is 0-3 month size, but it is way too big.  Just so you don't think he's grown like crazy all the sudden!  His arms and legs don't go to the end of the sleeves/pants.

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