Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why Blog?

December 14th my husband and I welcomed our son, Carter, into the world.  Throughout our pregnancy I began reading blogs of other pregnant women and new moms.  I documented the growth of my belly and baby each week and enjoyed comparing my progress to other expecting moms.  After Cater was born I wished I had created a blog during our pregnancy to share our experiences and photos.  The more blogs I read, the stronger this feeling was.  

Carter is now 7 weeks old (oh my gosh, I can’t believe it).  I spend a lot of time up late at night feeding him.  Any mom out there feels me on this one…  Who wants to sit in bed, half asleep, eyes drooping open and closed, holding your baby in your arms while desperately trying not to nod off to sleep (because you fear you will drop your baby if you do) and do nothing but watch your baby eat?  Although I do spend a large portion of my day staring at what I believe to be an amazingly adorable baby!  Instead, during these late night feedings, I surf the web and read up on the lives of other new moms.  I love reading their stories about day to day life with their babies and/or toddlers. 
For these reasons I have decided to create a blog to share our experiences as new parents.  I am excited to document this crazy journey of parenthood including the running that undoubtedly will go along with it!    

What got you into blogging?

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