Friday, May 29, 2020

Funny Stuff the Kids Say

Carter to Thomas: I have 2 things to say. First, there's bird poop all over your porch. Second, I got stung by a bee.

Elise: You're going to love dinner. I'm definitely getting a treat today!
Me: Oh yeah, what is it?
Elise: Eggs with that melty cheese!

"Pish posh lemon squash!" -Elise

Ty: No sleeping together anymore. You guys can't handle it.
Elise to Carter: We can sleep together when we're dead!

Elise while riding in the car: Do bears have nipples?

Me: Why are you sitting like that? Is your booty itchy?
Elise: No, I have bubbles in my vagina.

Elise: You know the best thing about Mother's Day?
Me: What?
Elise: The mothers!

Elise to Oma: Happy Mother's Day! I hope you don't get sick and die.

We did a little graduation at home for Elise. I sent pictures and my aunt texted Elise. I asked Elise what she wanted to say back and she had me send these long, hilarious text messages to her. It was so cute! They are what follows after the picture.
Elise's first text to Aunt Judy: 
Thanks. I really like it. I have to brush my teeth good and don't get bug bites. One time I took my shirt off and I was really itchy and I killed a mosquito. We got new books today. I got Polar Bear vs. Brown Bear. The brown bear won. I like your words and can you send us more cookies some days? I liked the cookies you got me for my birthday and there were lots of cookies. I ate the last one. Carter said there was no last one but I went in the pantry and there was. I let him have a bite but he said it was a crumb. I have a blue brush. What color is your brush? What are your favorite colors Aunt Judy and Uncle Mike? I hope I can see you again one day when the sickness day goes away. I watched a cat on tv. We watch every day when it's not bedtime anymore.

Next text to Aunt Judy:
It's very nice of you. I like you to send to Carter too. He likes to get cookies too. My favorite color is blue too. My brother's is orange. He likes dark orange. He also likes mac and cheese. What food do you like? So you have a favorite food. My favorite food is hot chocolate and pizza! I'm going to bed so I won't be able to spond again. I can see you spond tomorrow. How fun was it when you were in the grade I'm going to next when I go back to school? My old friends are Beckett and Hunter and Collins. I have lots of friends and Paiton. There's one boy, I forget his name. He's really funny and he does funny things all the time. One time he put apple sauce in his hair. Then the teachers had to wipe it out and wash his hair out in the sink. I hope you can send more. My dad likes lemon cookies. Do you know how to make lemon cookies? My dad will like it if you send him lemon cookies. He'll like it very much!

Elise was reading a book and said dragon woke up "soggy" instead of groggy.

Carter calls the coronavirus, coronavitis.

"If you drive too fast you get a ticket. If you drive too slow you get a ticket. The most popular one is too fast." -Carter

Elise accidentally broke a straw off in a smoothie that was totally frozen from being in the freezer. She told Ty, "I was a strong woman today!"

"Boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls. But boys who marry boys can't have babies and girls who marry girls have lots of babies!" -Carter, I overheard him telling this to Elise so we had a little chat about it

Elise got some temporary tattoos from a friend as a birthday present, she picked one out for me and said, "This would look great on your forehead!"

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Wordless Wednesday

Tesla sleeping like a human, Carter wasn't asleep yet.
Posing like a flamingo in my new flamingo earrings from Erin.
Reading their new Good Night Tulsa book.

Elise running back to the car after dropping muffins off on Uncie Taco's porch.
Elise setting up for her backyard party since we cancelled her re-scheduled friend party at Skyzone.
Waiting on Oma and Opa to arrive with the cookies and piñata.
She decided to put bubble containers in the cozies and then fill them with water.
Elise moved her chair into the shade because she got hot.
She put her mask on to make sure she was ready when they arrived!
Playing water balloons with Opa.
Playing basketball with Oma.
Elise used the tote I had water balloons in as a pool, haha!
Ready to smash the piñata!
Getting after the pinata!

Ty wanted to take a turn.
Carter read quite a few chapters of Captain Underpants in the backyard because what's a party without a read aloud!?
Our version of Paws for Reading, haha!
Looking at our new flowers out the window.
Carter made a puppet show.
Elise's sweet friend stopped by with a birthday present for her since her party was cancelled.
The kids enjoying the sticker by numbers book Elise got from her friend.
Elise trying out the pool Oma and Opa brought down for us to borrow.
Had to get a picture with our flowers in it!
Elise giving Opa a temporary tattoo.

Jumping on our new trampoline!
We sold our double stroller and bought a trampoline!
Elise likes to jump on it for about 15 minutes, get off, play something else for a while, get back on, it's a continuous rotation!
They jumped on it even though it was all wet with rain.

I could get used to this!
They still wanted to play in the pools even though it was only 67 degrees!

Elise all tatted up with her birthday tattoos from a friend.
Elise was in her room for quite a while getting dressed, I realized why when she came out.

Elise said, "This is my flamingo pose!"
Reading while eating lunch, this boy never stops!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Wordless Wednesday

Came out to the kids dressed in costumes playing with Pokemon cards.
Practicing letters with Play Doh.
Carter practicing his spelling words in Play Doh.
Carter was super excited to pick up his yearbook and stuff from school.
Practicing shapes with Play Doh.
Dropping presents to our students.
Special waffles for breakfast.

Delivering a present to our students.

The last day of school was Lego day.

The kids loved Carter's end of the year good bye parade at school.

Elise wanted to go on a run with me and it turned out she brought a measuring tape with her and wanted to stop to measure things as we ran.

They pulled their table out into the yard to eat.
I decided Carter is old enough to vacuum his own room.
My view during a trail run at the trail by our house.
Elise helping Ty put together Carter's new bookshelf.
Carter traced the cover of Ice Age and asked me to take a picture and put it on Facebook, haha!
The kids set up outside games for Ty's birthday.
Carter was cleaning out under his bed and Tesla decided to crawl under there with him.
We made homemade brownies for the first time ever so Elise wanted me to take pictures of them!
Tesla got dressed up as we cleaned up Elise's room.
Elise cracked me up, she was making lunch dressed in Carter's clothes while wearing a knight's armor and a cow tail.

Tea party!
They wanted popcorn so we had to get fancy with it and used the special sunflower bowl I got as a wedding shower present.
Ty's Father's Day present from my parents came early and he was so excited he opened everything to look at it.
Elise wanted to change into her new running clothes from Oma and Opa to go on a run with me.
She was determined to run to his Uncie J's house.
It was quite a bit warmer than all the other days she's run with me so she decided she didn't want to run home once we got to Jeremy's house, so Ty came and picked her up.

Carter made binoculars, I think, I forget what he called them but he taped them to his face.
Playing with all the special Barbie stuff from my cousin, Ainsley.

They wanted to go on a walk. Carter brought a clipboard and wrote notes. Elise shoved a dog down her pants.
She also packed water bottles and snack for Carter and herself. We walked about half a mile, haha!
Making notes on our walk.
When we got home I realized I had forgotten Elise did my hair and make-up before we left. I'm sure all the people in cars I waved at thought I was a weirdo!