Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Water for Our Baby

This evening I took Carter to the splash pad at the park Ty and I run from.  While Ty ran, we played in the water.  I had never actually gone down into the playground area and didn't realize how many different places there were to play in the water.  The first area we went to had stair steps for the water to fall down.  Carter kicked his legs and splashed in the water with his hands.  He even smiled and giggled a little bit.
He's staring at the water spraying out.
His favorite area had holes water would spray out of randomly.  He loved it and would stare at the spurts of water.  We were sitting right by one of the holes water came out of.  He put his feet over the hole and would kick them around as water came out.  It must have felt good when it sprayed on his feet. 

There were lots of other kids there running around and playing in the water.  Carter loved watching them.  It was so much fun to see the joy in their smiles and to hear it in their laughs.  I was loving every moment, watching Carter play in the water and watch everything going on around him.  Ty finished running and came over.  He looked at the other kids and mentioned how much fun we would have at the splash pad next year.  I was enjoying the moment so much that the thought hadn't even crossed my mind, but it was so true.  It will be so much fun to watch Carter at the splash pad next year, walking around and splashing in the water!