Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Buddy Time

Yesterday Carter got to play with Hayden.  Hayden is my friend Erin's son and he's 20 months old, so coming up on 2 years.  Erin's sister just had a baby 2 weeks ago and Hayden is adjusting to having a cousin.  He's always been so sweet with Carter and was happy to share his toys.
Playing with a ball from Hayden's Elefun game.
Carter started to get fussy because he was hungry.  I got out his food and asked Hayden if he wanted to help me feed Carter.  He's really into saying "no" right now, so I was surprised when he said "yeah".  I showed him what to do and then handed over the spoon.  I thought he might try to take a few bites first, but he went right to work feeding Carter.  It was so adorable!  He's going to be such a great big cousin!
Hayden filling the spoon with some help.
Hayden feeding Carter.
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