Monday, July 29, 2013

I Love My Bob!

One of our big decisions when we were registering was which stroller we wanted.  I planned to run with the stroller, so we knew we needed a good one.  We ended up picking the Bob Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller.  My amazing parents bought it for us, half for my birthday and half for Ty's birthday.  Every day I run with it I love it even more.   That's saying a lot because of the 391 miles I've run since Carter was born I've run all but 87 of them with the stroller, so I've logged roughly 300 miles with that bad boy!  I actually sat down and added it up today out of curiosity.

It has definitely proven how awesome it is over and over again.  The swivel wheel makes it easy to navigate, even for an upper body weakling like myself.  The all-terrain tires have gotten us through grass, over rocks, on gravel, no problem!  Last week was an especially trying week for the stroller.  We had a big storm Tuesday night which left limbs and parts of trees all over the trail we run on.  The stroller bounced over them with no problem.  Occasionally a stick would fly up and jam the front wheel, but all it did was slow me down for a moment.
Carter checking out the over-sized sun shade.

Friday was the real test.  There was a chance of rain all day long and I was hoping to get a 12 mile long run in.  I waited until later in the day because there was only a 30% chance of rain.  I took an umbrella and a bunjee cord to rig up to the stroller just in case it started raining.  We took off running with no rain so I figured I'd just stop to attach the umbrella if it started.

Then about 2 miles in it started to lightly drizzle off and on.  We got to the turn around and it started to rain a little bit harder.  By 7 miles it was full on raining.  I kept looking down at Carter and he didn't appear to be wet except for a few droplets on his feet and lower legs.  We went under a bridge and I stopped to check, sure enough his body was dry.  I dried off his feet and legs and we continued on.  Of course, I still worried about him getting wet and cold, but he was fine.
My dry baby fell asleep at 11.5 miles.  Really, all that time and you fall asleep half a mile from the finish!

It stopped raining 10 miles in and was done for the night, go figure.  When we finished I pulled Carter out half expecting his onesie to be soaked and I just couldn't see it, but nope he was totally dry!  I couldn't believe just the sun shade on the stroller had kept him dry.  When I pulled a completely dry Carter out of the stroller I fell a little bit more in love with it.  Man, I love my Bob!

I had a couple of hiccups last week which kept my weekly mileage from hitting 30.  One day I cut my run short to get home so I could transfer Carter's baby food to a friend's freezer since we lost power, more here.  Another day my run was cut short because we ran into a lost dog with a collar and rabies tag.  I was about a mile out from my car, so I caught the dog and walked it back to take it to the vet so they could find her owners.  That being said I was still pretty close.
Sweet dog we helped get home.  Notice Carter in the rearview mirror!

Last Week's Stats
Weekly Mileage: 29 miles
Long Run: 12 miles (at 9:05 pace with the stroller, my last mile was 8:28!!!)
Tempo Run: 3 miles at 7:55 pace

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  1. Um... BALLER! 1) So impressed by your 12 miles with the stroller! Were you sore at all after? 2) Carter asleep in the stroller is precious. I love that he's "holding" his head up with his hand. 3) BOBs are AMAZING! Best baby investment ever. :)

    1. Thanks! I was sore, but not any more than I would be after a long run without it. I was definitely more sore the week before when I ran 12 miles for the first time in 8 months! Oh my gosh, I know, I'm so glad we went all out on our stroller. It was definitely worth it!