Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Wedding Day Memories

Today marks our 2 year anniversary.  To celebrate today I have written down my favorite memories from the day.  Our wedding day was such a blur.  I still can't believe how quickly it went by.  There are so many moments I treasure and hope to never forget.  I will always remember the feeling as I laid in bed trying to fall asleep the night before we got married.  I hadn't been so excited since I was a child.  I felt like a little kid at Christmas.  I knew I needed to go to sleep to make the following day come faster, but I was so excited I just couldn't make it happen.

That morning we had a 5k race at the trails where Ty proposed.  As the day approached I received surprises to wear during the race.  First my mom got me a "bride" tank top to wear, then Ang made me a veil, then a friend of the family made me a tutu.  I sure was decked out for the race!  I ran with Ty and it was the most time we had alone together all day.  It was so nice to be able to talk.
We stopped to take a picture during the 5k and Ty put the tutu on.

Before my hair appointment I was tired and wished I had time to take a nap.  I was at the hotel room with my friend, Kelley.  She told me to lay on the bed with my hair hanging off and blow dried it for me so I'd be ready for my appointment.  It was so sweet of her and I will always remember that!

Getting ready went by so quickly and the next thing I knew it was time for the first look.  We had decided to take pictures before the wedding so Ty and I got to see each other and have that moment photographed.  I was so excited to see Ty I couldn't walk fast enough and I felt like running down the aisle toward him.  He said as he stood there he could hear me and could tell how quickly I was walking.

I was shocked as I walked up to Ty and he turned around because he instantly looked at my face and into my eyes.  For some reason in my head he would want to look at my dress.  When he looked into my eyes instead I felt so connected with him and so in love.  We hugged and I will never forget how I felt in that moment.  It was just us, just Ty and me.  I was in his arms and everything was perfect.  I never wanted to let go.

Then it was time to head to the waiting room for the ceremony to start.  Those minutes spent waiting seemed like an eternity.  I was so ready.  It was time.  I wanted to get out of that room and marry my love.  We had decided instead of getting each other presents, we would write letters to each other.  I sat and read Ty's letter and held in the tears.

Finally it was time for  the wedding to start.  I was standing with my dad in my heels which I had unwisely been wearing all day.  My right leg started shaking.  It was like my calf muscle had decided it had enough of those heels and was revolting.  We started walking down the aisle and all I could think about was my leg shaking and I hoped I wouldn't fall down.  
During the wedding we had chosen to do a sand ceremony.  The night before we had practiced pouring the sand into the container, but the sand must have gotten packed into the jars more because we had a heck of a time pouring it out into the container.  I kept looking at Ty and trying not to giggle.  It took us so long to pour the sand that I began to worry the song would end before we had a chance to take our moms roses like we had planned.
Instead of using the ushers after the ceremony, we ushered everyone out.  I was so happy I wanted to hug everyone, so I went ahead and did just that!  It was such a great way to get to see everyone, but also kept things moving much faster than a receiving line.  I saw this woman in the back of the church who kept snapping pictures as we were ushering people out.  I remember wondering who she was.  When we got closer I realized she was my first grade teacher!  It was so exciting to see her!

One of my favorite moments of the entire day was our first dance.  We chose "Whatever It Is" by Zac Brown Band.  It was the first song we ever danced to together and anytime it was on the radio or playing somewhere Ty would sing it to me.  The best was one night when he sang the line "she's gonna be my wife" and he told me, you know I mean it when I sing that part right?  Still gives me butterflies to think about!  Anyway, during our first dance he sang parts of the song to me.  I can't think of many moments where I felt as happy as I did in his arms dancing to that song for the first time as his wife.
Ty's brother, Paul, and my best friend, Ang, made the toasts.  They were both very sweet and after all the emotions of the day I finally lost control of my tears and cried during Ang's toast.  Afterward when I stood up to hug her I knocked over my champagne flute and she shrieked.  We are quite the pair!  The groomsmen were quick to pick up my glass and refill it for me.
Notice the spilled drink on the table.
When it was time to cut the cake, Ty and I looked at each other and realized neither of us knew what exactly to do.  We then looked at our photographer and he asked us if we knew what to do.  We didn't, so he really quickly explained all we needed to do was cut a little chunk out of the side together.  He was awesome!  Ty and I both laughed about it.

The bouquet toss was the funniest moment of the night.  Steph views the bouquet toss as a competition and is in it to win it.  I've seen her pull some pretty impressive stunts to catch the bouquet at other weddings.  It ended up going more toward Ang and she got it.  Steph almost had it, running from farther away.  Ang was joking around and got in Steph's face about it because she knows how competitive Steph is.  I cracked up when I saw their reactions.
This shows Steph's impressive attempt.
Ang getting in Steph's face about the catch.
The reception was so much fun.  Everyone was dancing and having a great time.  I went up to get a glass of our signature drink after Ty and I were done with all of our duties and it was already gone!  Ty and I danced and enjoyed visiting with everyone, but finally I was so tired it was time to leave.  We tried to take some pictures before we left, but I was so tired that I couldn't keep my eyes open each time the flash went off.
There are so many great memories from the day.  It will be fun to see what Ty's favorite moments were!

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