Friday, July 5, 2013

A Day in Our Lives: Summer Edition

I wrote this as a guest post on one of my favorite blogs to read, The Domestic Wannabe.  I decided to also post it here.  It will be nice to compare a day in our lives over the summer to during the school year.  I recorded our day on Monday, June 24th.

4:00 am: Carter is fussing in his crib so I head in to feed him.  He typically only wakes up once at night around this time for a feeding.  I nurse him and read up on some blogs on bloglovin while he eats.  I lay him down and am back to bed by 4:20.  He always goes right back to sleep, thank goodness!

7:00 am: Ty's alarm goes off and he rolls out of bed.  I reach over and check Carter on the monitor.  He's still asleep so I stay in bed.

7:20 am:  Ty comes in to say goodbye as he heads for work (wouldn't it be nice to be able to get ready in 20 minutes?!!?) and says Carter is awake and playing quietly in his crib.  This is a relatively new thing.  All the sudden these last few weeks he's been waking up and playing without making any noise.  I get up and head into his room.  I nurse him and then lay him down on a blanket to play.  While we're playing I get a text from my co-teacher asking if she and her kids can stop by to see us.  They each hold Carter and comment on how sweet and happy he is even though he's tired.  His little eyes are getting heavy so they leave.

8:30 am: I lay Carter down for a nap.  He falls asleep quickly and I get busy with chores.  I brush my teeth, get dressed (in running clothes so we can go for a run when he wakes up),  start a load of laundry, eat breakfast, put away the clean dishes in the dishwasher, and wash bottles and pump parts from the weekend.  Once I am finished with chores I sit down to work on math units for school.  We are re-vamping everything next year to align with the Common Core State Standards.
Putting himself to sleep.

10:30 am: Carter finally wakes up!  His morning nap is normally only an hour long, but he must still be worn out from his busy weekend.  I love going in and getting him when he wakes up from a nap.  He always smiles at me so excited to see me!  Once he's up I change his diaper and quickly get ready to head out for a run.  We are getting out about an hour and a half later than normal.  I don't mind the heat, but I worry about Carter getting too hot.  Luckily today it's only about 5 degrees warmer than when we normally run.  We get in 3 miles and then head home.
I use a swaddle blanket to shield him from the sun since it's lightweight and breathable.

11:30 am: We get home and head into Ty and my bedroom to play.  I pull back the comforter so Carter's laying on the sheets, which have less dog hair on them.  I sit on the ground and pop up to play boo with him.  We also practice sitting up.  Harper comes in to join us and Carter smiles and reaches for her. 
Laughing at me popping up at him.

12:45 pm: Carter starts acting tired, so I nurse him and lay him down for nap.  I sit down to work on a blog post while he's laying down.  I need to take a shower but I prefer to wait until he's asleep in case he needs something.  He plays around talking for a while and finally falls asleep at 1:20 so I hop into the shower.  While he's napping I get ready for the day and then realize I never ate lunch.  I heat up some left overs to eat and pump so I have milk to mix in with his rice cereal for the next couple of days.

3:30 pm: Carter wakes up from his nap.  I am surprised he slept for so long, I figured since his morning nap was 2 hours he would cut this one short.  We head into Ty and my bedroom to play in front of the mirror.  Carter loves watching himself in the mirror.

4:00 pm: We pack up all our library books and head out to my car to get Carter's stroller.  I get the stroller set up and put Carter in.  This will be the first time we've ever tried the stroller without his car seat insert.  I am pretty nervous but it goes well.  We head into the library and turn in his reading log.  Since we have been to the library 4 times and read 20 books Carter gets his prizes.  He receives a medal and a stuffed prairie dog.  The girl working is so excited to give it to him!  I open the bag, take the medal out, and let him wear it.  He plays with it as we choose new books to check out.

4:30 pm: We arrive home from the library and it's time to get ready for my tutoring appointment.  I only tutor on Monday evenings and normally tutor from 6:00-7:00.  Ty normally comes home early from work to watch Carter.  Today my tutoring student has hockey practice so we are meeting from 5:00-6:00 and his mom offered to watch Carter while we work.

I feed Carter rice cereal and he's still hungry, so I get the pumped milk from earlier out of the fridge and get it ready to take with us because we don't have time for him to nurse.  I load the car and we head to a different library for tutoring.

5:00-6:00 pm: I tutor while Carter plays at the library.

6:30 pm: We get home and Ty is home mowing the lawn.  We go out to say hi and talk to him for a little bit.  Then we come inside and I feed Carter apples for dinner.  Ty comes in to shower so I read Carter a book while we wait to use the bathtub.

7:00 pm: It's bathtime.  Carter loves bathtime.  He kicks and splashes the whole time.  I just wash his hair and use a wash cloth to rinse off the rest of his body.  We don't use soap every day because he has sensitive skin.

7:30 pm: Ty leaves to run some errands and I lay Carter down for the night.  Normally Carter goes right to sleep, but tonight he fusses and cries.  I go in a few times to soothe him, but he just cries again right after I leave.  I finally decide to get him out and rock him for a while.  When I lay him back down he goes right to sleep.

8:20 pm: Carter is finally asleep and I sit down to work on a blog post until Ty gets home.  When Ty returns we pack our bags for a trip we will leave on tomorrow and then watch recorded episodes of Duck Dynasty.  My co-teacher got me hooked on the show!

11:00 pm: We head for bed.

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