Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How Much Can One Boy Eat?

I've never fed a baby before so I'm not really sure how much food Carter should be eating.  We've always just given him food as long as he seemed hungry up until we felt he'd had enough.  When he first started with solids he would eat less than an ounce.  Then he moved up to the whole 2 ounce container.  After a while he still seemed hungry after eating 2 ounces so we started feeding him 4 ounces.  Then we went up to 6 ounces, but he was still seeming hungry and still woke up twice at night to eat, oy vey!
More food!!!
Tonight I decided to keep feeding him as long as he opened his mouth for more food.  He ate 7.5 ounces and when we started on the next container, he spit the spoonful back out.  I'm interested to see how he sleeps tonight.  It would be nice to get back down to only one feeding at night before I go back to work. 

With the 100+ degree heat we will most likely have for the beginning of the school year, I won't be taking Carter on my runs after school.  Instead, I will have to get up at 5:30 am to get my run in before work.  Only one nighttime feeding would make that wake up time so much easier!  Obviously I'd love to sleep through the night, but I'm not going to get my hopes up.
It takes a lot of food to sustain thighs like these!

Anyone have comparisons on how much your baby ate/eats?  I don't want to overfeed Carter, but figure if he keeps eating he must be hungry...  According to my parents, I was quite the eater as a baby!

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