Sunday, July 28, 2013

What It's All About

All day I was kicking around the idea of taking Carter and Harper on a walk.  I went up to school to work while Carter took his afternoon nap and Ty poured concrete in our bathroom.  When I returned we played for a while and Carter started acting tired again so I decided to wait until he took a short nap to go on our walk, but little man never took a nap.  Finally a little before 6:00 I decided to go.  I had originally planned to take Carter in the stroller, but it was only 85 degrees and I wanted to snuggle my sweetie pie so I ended up wearing him.  We started off walking in the direction I normally run if I run from our house.  There are no sidewalks, minimal shade, and lots of loose dogs.  We ended up turning around when I saw some loose dogs ahead and went back home.

As we neared our house I remembered the sidewalk that was just poured which Carter and I use when we walk to the library.  We headed that way.  The temperature was perfect, the sun wasn't beating down, and there was a lovely breeze.  I was so happy and content.  Harper was loving it, running around in the grass, sniffing around.  Carter was watching Harper, cooing, and rubbing my back with his precious, little hand.
Ready to head out on a walk, Harper was too excited to look toward the camera.

I couldn't help but think, moments like this are what it's all about.  They remind me of what a wonderful life I have.  I have a husband who will go grocery shopping so I can take my dog and baby on a walk.  I have a dog who is moderately well-behaved and loves our baby dearly.  I have a baby who is generally happy and easy going.  Not to mention he only wakes once at night!  I can almost taste sleeping through the night.  I know it's on our horizon!

The entire time we walked I kept looking down at the most beautiful face I've ever seen in my life.  Memorizing his cheeks, his lips, all his baby features that will be gone before we know it.  Harper jerked on the leash as I was looking down at Carter.  With my heart full and everything seeming so simple, I pictured it.  Holding Carter's hand as he walks along beside me and another baby snuggled up to my body in the baby carrier.  Life seems so complete now.  Would it be more complete then?  Would it be even more complete with three?  Only time will tell.  For now Carter is everything I've ever dreamed of.  The soft cheeks pressed against mine.  The tiny hands wrapped around my hands.  Giggles filling the otherwise quiet home.  The smile that spreads across his face when I enter the room.  The greatest gift life has to offer.  I love my little man so much and can't believe how big he is getting!  
He looks so big all stretched out!

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