Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our Weekend with Grandma and Grandpa

Ty's parents always like to help us with home projects when they come to visit and we did a lot of that with the carpet demolition.  Moving all the furniture out, ripping up carpet, painting trim, and then moving all of the furniture back.  We also made sure Carter had plenty of cuddle and play time with his grandparents.
Hanging out with grandpa.
While the installers worked on our new carpet, Leina and I took Carter to the aquarium.  Leina sat in the back of the car to play with Carter.  As we were leaving the house I made sure she had her seatbelt on before I started driving.  I didn't check when we left the aquarium and a few blocks later she realized she had forgotten to put it on.  She said she was too busy holding Carter's hand!
At the aquarium with grandma.  Carter wore his crab onesie especially for the aquarium.
It amazes me how Carter interacts differently at the aquarium each time we go.  He enjoyed it even more yesterday than he has before.  When he saw an animal he was really interested in he would reach out and touch the glass by the fish.  He even tried to talk to the fish with his high-pitched screeching voice.
Good thing there was glass between Carter and the Green Moray!

Talking to a school of fish.
This morning Carter was sitting on my lap and we were getting ready to read a book when his grandma came in and laid down on the floor by us.  He looked up, saw her, lunged off my lap and rolled toward her on the floor.  I swear if she had been a little farther back he would have army crawled to her.  He sure wanted his grandma.  It was very sweet to see!  We look forward to our next visit with his grandparents!
Grandma and Carter wore matching shirts to Ty's alma mater.


  1. Very good pictures and I loved the story of Carter going for Leina.

    1. It was very cute. Same move he pulls when Harper is near.