Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wedding Week Memories

Ty and my 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up on Tuesday.  So much has happened in those 2 years that it seems like we’ve been married for much longer than that!  But at the same time my memories are so fresh, it seems like it was just last summer.  Thinking back to our wedding day, I wanted to record some of my favorite and most vivid memories from our wedding and the week leading up to it.

I didn’t start blogging until after Carter was born so I never wrote down all the things from our wedding that I never want to forget.  As our anniversary approached I thought it would be a perfect time to do that!  I will start with the week leading up to our wedding and all the preparations, then I’ll write about my favorite memories from our wedding, and (this is the best part) Ty has agreed to write a guest post with his favorite moments from our wedding!  Wedding memories here we go!

Ty and I spent the entire week leading up to our wedding in my hometown staying at my parents’ house, preparing for the big day.  My maid of honor, Ang, also came to stay at my parents’ house to help out.  Ang and I stayed in my older brother’s old bedroom and shared a bed together.  It was so nice to spend those nights giggling in bed and enjoying alone time together.  At night right before we drifted off she would tell me a “Dear Diary” story, pretending she was writing in her diary and talking all about our day. It never failed to make me laugh hysterically.

Ang and I went to Starbucks a couple times during the week and the woman working the drive-thru was pretty hopped up on caffeine.  When we pulled up to order she said, "Happy stress-free day".  We cracked up laughing and asked her if she could guarantee it would be a stress-free day.  She said yes and Ang asked her if she had magic coffee beans.  All week long we would giggle about Starbucks' magic coffee beans!
Attempting to tan my strip of skin while Ang washed the dog.
When I went for my last dress fitting I looked down and to my distress saw a white triangle of skin exposed in the "v" of my dress.  I had a sports bra tan-line and didn't think it would matter, but obviously it did!  Ang got some self-tanning lotion and rubbed me down in the triangle of skin with it.  The next morning my skin turned orange.  I tried to tan it a little bit in the short amount of free time I had, but it didn't work.  I noticed the tan line in pictures, but no one else did.
Taking a break from decorating to eat some lunch.

We decided to decorate the reception hall rather than pay to have it done.  So many people came to help out and we had quite a bit of fun.  My parents, brothers, Ang, Ty, and his friend, Brian, all helped out.  Thomas kept being a goofball, playing around as we worked.
Thomas messing around behind some curtains at the reception site.
My mom, Ang, and my mom's friend, Vicky, went with me to take a sneak peak at the flowers.  I was amazed that they were even more beautiful than I had pictured!  We had a blast looking at them all and snapping pictures.  Everything was starting to seem more real.  After months of planning it was almost time for the wedding!
Ang and me posing with the bouquets.
The week culminated with our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Our pastor joked that we had so people at the rehearsal, we could've had our wedding that night.  It was so much fun to see everyone.  One of my bridesmaids, Steph, had just gotten off of a 24 hour shift at the hospital that morning and had a 5 hour drive, so I wasn't sure if she was going to make it.  We were part-way through the rehearsal when I turned around and was surprised to see her!
Going over everything at the rehearsal.

The week leading up to our wedding was so busy and so much fun.  Next up will be my wedding memories.

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