Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Random Picture Wednesday

Playing with his pinwheel outside before it got too hot.
Last night Carter slept all the way until 5 am!!!!  I woke up earlier than I have been lately and I felt so much more awake all day.  It's amazing what a difference it makes to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time!  I'd love for nights like last night to be the norm.  Tonight he only ate 3 ounces of food at dinner, so we'll see how he sleeps.
Carter and I picked out a special book for Ty to read in honor of Carter's great grandpa.
On Saturday we are getting new carpet installed.  I'm so excited!  We wanted to get new carpet before Carter starts really crawling around.  Our current carpet wasn't installed correctly and there are tack strips exposed in many places which means our poor little guy would be getting poked.  Plus the carpet is really cheap, stains easily, and is very thin.  In preparation Ty has been working to finish up the bathroom so he won't get dust all over our new carpet and I've started painting the trim on our doorways.
I love the view of his fat roll on the back of his leg.
I can't get enough pictures of Carter and Harper together.  I swear I take multiple every single day!  They are so cute together and Carter is obsessed with Harper.  She gets more used to him every single day and just lays there as he pulls her fur and kicks her in the side.  It makes me love her even more!  Everywhere we go, she follows and lays as close to Carter as she can get.
Harper shaking with Carter.
I'm still trying to get a video of Carter babbling "dada" for Ty.  He's not very consistent with doing it, but I have gotten some videos of him babbling.  I'm sure it's not too exciting for most people, but I giggle every time I hear him talk.


  1. I love the orange stripes with the orange pinwheel, and as soon as Grampy heard he and Jeremy had to watch. :) Grampy said Carter said, "Aflac".