Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Boy Loves to Laugh

Carter is a good baby in so many ways.  Perhaps my favorite is that he is quick to laughter.  I thought his smile made my day, but it doesn't even compare to the sound of his laughter.  The world would be a happier place if instead of horrible elevator music they played a baby laughing. 

Last night Ty videoed Carter laughing at me after dinner.  I didn't know he was taping us, but I'm sure glad he did.  Every video of Carter laughing I watch over and over and they never cease to put a huge smile on my face!  Notice who got jealous and had to jump up for attention...
This evening Carter, Ty, and I were all laying on the bed.  Skippy jumped up on the bed and Carter looked at him and laughed.  It was the first time he's ever laughed at Skippy!  Then Harper jumped up on the bed and Carter started laughing at her.  I kept taking her paw, putting it on his tummy, and saying boo.  He was cracking up.