Saturday, July 20, 2013

Today Was the Day!

We got our new carpet installed.  Last night Ty's parents came to visit and helped us move furniture, rip out our existing carpet, and paint all of our trim.  It was a late night, but we got it all done.  This morning the installers came and made short work of it.
Leina scraping up glue while Rocky and Ty worked on the floor.
Poor Carter struggled last night due to sleeping in his Pack n Play.  He's now over the weight limit for the insert which turns it into a bassinet and he doesn't sleep very well all the way down in there.  Add in the noise of the shop vac going and it took over an hour for him to fall asleep.  Thankfully once he was asleep he was out!  We were up until 1am running the shop vac and he didn't wake up until 2am for his nighttime feeding.  Which is down to just one feeding per night right now, I hope it stays that way!
Our hallway stripped and ready for new carpet last night.
The installers arrived around 9:30am and quickly got to work.  Leina and I headed to the aquarium shortly after, returning around noon in time for Carter's afternoon nap, and they were almost finished.  They were gone by 1pm and I couldn't wait to kick off my flip flops and run my feet along our beautiful new carpet!  It felt just as amazing as I had expected and spent the rest of the night barefoot.  I'm even typing this post while sitting on the floor.
Harper modeling on our new carpet in the hallway, what a cute Vanna!
The most amazing thing about our carpet is being able to lay Carter on the floor to play.  Our old carpet was so disgusting and poorly installed, I never put Carter on the floor unless he was on a blanket and then worried he would roll off it.  Tonight I laid him right onto the carpet as we moved furniture back to where it belonged.  He loved the freedom to roll and scoot around on the floor and made his way from one side of his room to the other.  It was precious to see him reach down and run his fingers through the carpet.  I could tell he loved the way it felt on his hands.  Now I'm excited at the prospect of him crawling rather than worrying about him getting poked on an exposed tack strip or crawling through stains.
Carter enjoying his new found freedom to roam the floor!

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