Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby Sign Language

I'd been meaning to start using sign language with Carter and I kept forgetting to look up a chart showing the signs.  This weekend Ty's aunt and uncle came over to visit while his parents were here and his aunt asked if we'd been using sign language with Carter.  I was so glad she asked because it reminded me to look up some information!

I found a free printable chart here and an awesome website here where you click on the word and an animated baby shows you the sign.  Of course I also read articles and found research about baby sign language.  The reason why I want to do sign language is to allow Carter to communicate before he can actually say the words in order to minimize him feeling frustrated.  Most articles I read sited that very reason for using baby sign language.  Some even claimed sign language helps babies with language development.
Sweet boy, attentive, and ready to learn!

Yesterday I started using signs with Carter.  Were are going to keep it simple.  According to the articles I read, most babies won't sign back until around 8 months.  So I'm figuring a month or two of modeling the signs and helping him make them with his hands and he may begin using them.

When he woke up from a nap and first saw me I signed and said mom to him.  Anytime I was out of his view and he looked over and saw me, I signed and said mom.  He thought it was hilarious and would laugh every time I signed it.  As I was feeding him, each time I gave him a bite I signed and said food to him.  He watched me with interest, but was still all business when it came to eating!  When Ty got home I signed and said dad to Carter.  I explained to Ty how to do it and he enjoyed signing dad over and over to Carter.  He said he needed to catch up with how many times Carter had seen mom throughout the day.

The only other signs I plan to expose him to for now are more, drink, dog, all done, and bed.  The thought of Carter communicating with me in a way other than crying or reaching gets me so excited!  When I imagine him signing his first word, I get to dreaming about him talking.  That gets me daydreaming of him riding in his stroller talking to me while I run.  I look forward to those days, but for now I'm loving every aspect of who Carter is and wouldn't have life any other way.
Carter's favorite mode of communication right now is this strange screech/squealing.

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