Saturday, July 6, 2013

Must Love Dogs

Carter still loves his buddy Harper so much.  He smiles just looking at her face.  She loves him too, but still is a bit apprehensive at times.  Yesterday she was laying on a dog bed at my parents house and I started flying Carter over to her to say boo.  He thought it was hilarious and laughed each time we swooped by her.  She stared up at us wondering what in the world we were doing. 
We've been at my parents' house this week for the 4th of July and he loves their dogs too.  When any of the dogs get close to him he smiles and reaches for them.  He is definitely a dog lover.  The cats he doesn't really pay much attention to, but dogs, he sure loves!
Petting Eboli
I'm so glad that Carter loves dogs so much and I hope he grows up to be an animal lover just like his dad and me!  He sure isn't scared of them, even my parents' 70 pound dog!  We were playing with her and I put him on her back to "ride" her.  He laughed almost as hard as he did playing boo with Harper.  She is such a gentle dog and loves him so much.  Anytime he's near her, she wags her tail.
Riding Zuma
When I met Ty he had to pass the test.  He had to get along with Harper.  I'm so glad Carter is following suit, not that we wouldn't love him even if he didn't.  I'm just so happy that in this family you must love dogs!

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  1. I love the video and will have to show you a picture of Carter on Zuma's back and she's turned her head and is licking his face. It's adorable. But, as I always said, every child needs a dog and every dog needs a child. Now Zuma has a child.