Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We Have Teeth!

I've been thinking Carter was going to have his first teeth pop through for months now.  He's been slobbery and chewing on everything for at least 2 months.  Lately Sophie has been his favorite toy and he has been gnawing on her legs like crazy!  I check his gums every couple days to see if we've had any new developments.  The last few times I swore I could see white in the middle of his bottom gum, but I'd thought I'd seen it before, so I figured it was again a false alarm.
Going to town on his teething ring.
Yesterday I pulled his lip down and instantly let out a high pitched squeal which caused Carter to jump and give me an unappreciative look.  After months of checking and wondering, they had appeared.  Two ragged little bumps of teeth were just barely sticking up from his poor red gums.  I praised him multiple times for being such a big boy and having teeth.  He enjoyed the sweet words immensely, but I'm sure was confused about what he had done this time.

I was determined to get a picture of his teeth buds to send to Ty and Carter's grandparents.  I pulled his lip down with one hand and held my phone up with the other.  He would swat at and slap my phone.  When I finally did get a picture, his teeth were covered by his tongue which he was sticking out to attack my fingers in an attempt to release his lip.  I never got a good picture with my phone, but it wasn't due to lack of trying.  I did get a decent one with my camera though.

Monday both of his naps were a battle.  He was exhausted, but laid and screamed unless I patted his bottom and rubbed his back the entire time.  It took nearly 2 hours for him to fall asleep for his first nap.  Now I wonder if his poor little gums were hurting and that's why he struggled to sleep.  Poor little man didn't get any relief.  He sure did want his momma too, he wanted to be held all day.


  1. Excellent picture of his teeth. No wonder he felt bad, if they came at the same time.

    1. I wondered if it would make a difference that they came in at the same time. One is a little taller than the other, but not much.