Monday, July 22, 2013

Fall Half-Marathon, Here I Come!

Happy Monday, almost Tuesday!

I posted my running progress from 6 months postpartum here.  During my 6th month I set some goals for the upcoming month.  I hoped to get my weekly mileage up to 30 miles a week, my long run up to 12 miles, and to run a weekly tempo run at 8:00 minute/mile pace. 

I was able to meet all of those goals last week.  I logged 30 miles throughout the week, bumped my long run up to 12 miles, and ran a tempo run at just over 8 minute pace.  Granted, I'm starting out short and my tempo run was just 3 miles.  I plan to add a mile to my tempo run every other week or so and hopefully get up to an 8 mile tempo run.

With the encouragement of a blog friend I transitioned Carter straight into the stroller for runs rather than in his car seat.  I did all my runs last week with him sitting in the stroller.  I really missed getting to watch him the entire time, but he did really well.  The only disadvantage other than not being able to watch Carter is that he doesn't nap during runs anymore.
My new view while running.

I ran my 12 mile long run on Friday morning.  I have to admit I felt pretty B.A. that I was able to run 12 miles while pushing Carter in the stroller.  During our trip to St. Louis I went a week without running with Carter because someone was always around to watch him while I ran.  When we got back I was struggling to push the stroller.  I figured it would just take me a while to get back into the swing of things and get used to the stroller again.

Sunscreened up and ready for our long run.
Two weeks later I was still having a difficult time running with the stroller.  I finally realized the tires were low and needed to be aired up.  Ty took the stroller to the gas station, filled the tires up for me, and voila, I wasn't struggling anymore.  The opposite actually.  I would turn the corner with the usual amount of force and the next thing I knew the stroller would be off the path in the grass, whoops! 

I'm pumped to be where I am with my running.  I'm on track to run a decent half-marathon in the fall.  I'm glad to be where I am this early on too because finding the time to run is going to be difficult pretty soon.  School will start in just under a month and I know it will be difficult to keep my mileage up for the first few weeks and possibly even month.  I'm definitely not looking forward to a 5:30 am alarm every morning!  I'm getting excited to run a half-marathon and Ty's started his training as well.

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  1. Wow wow wow, 12 miles with the stroller! You are TOTALLY BA! I bought an $8 bike pump that I keep in the trunk for emergency tire pumping!

  2. Dang girl. You are awesome. I need to give this whole jogging stroller a try. I figure if I train with a double stroller, surely I'll be able to do so much better during an actual race. I didn't get the carseat attachment though and E just doesn't quite seem comfortable in it yet. Soon I hope. Thanks for linking up!

    1. I just read your comment after writing an entire post about how much I love my running stroller, haha! Sometimes while I'm running I see someone go by with a double stroller. I wonder how that will work out with baby #2. You'll have to let me know how it goes when you try it!