Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 9 Bumpdate

September 2, 2014

Baby's Size: Almost an inch long and the size of a grape!  All the essential body parts are accounted for and the tail is gone.  The baby is now considered a fetus rather than an embryo.

Weight Gain: I lost another half-pound and am down a pound from my starting weight.

Maternity Clothes: I've hit the point where my pants are uncomfortable at the end of the day when I'm sitting down.  Typically I just unbutton them, no big deal.  It won't be long until I'm pulling out the hair tie trick.

Sleep: I've been waking up at least once every night to use the restroom, most nights more.  Skippy has started messing with me more at night which doesn't help.  When I was pregnant with Carter, Skippy slept with me every night.  He hasn't started sleeping with me all night, every night, but he does spend at least some of the night with me.  I'm soaking up sleeping on my tummy while I still can!

Symptoms: I wake up fairly nauseous and have a hard time eating breakfast.  I'm able to eat lunch really well.  Then I'm nauseous again at dinnertime and have an extremely hard time eating.  Dinnertime is the hardest time of day for me and when I struggle the most to eat.  My hair seems to be growing faster.  I've gone from shaving my arm pits every other day to every day.  I swear I can feel it growing too because I'm itchy.

Running: I upped my long run to 8 miles.  We were at my parents' house so I was able to run without the stroller and ran 9:30 pace which I was pleased with as I've slowed down to 10:00 pace on long runs with the stroller.  My round ligaments were sore after running my long run, but felt much better the following day.  With Carter I didn't notice my round ligaments, it was my hips that just ached.  So far I've had no hip pain which has been nice, but I'm sure it's coming.  I recovered really quickly from my long run, but I'll be monitoring things very closely with my next few long runs.  If I don't seem to be recovering quickly, I will drop the half-marathon.  I didn't run longer than 4 miles during the first trimester with Carter and I strongly felt taking it easy during the first trimester when everything was first starting to stretch contributed to my last run being the night before Carter was born.  It's more important to me to be able to run for as long as possible during pregnancy than to run the half-marathon in October.  My weekly mileage for the week was 20 miles. 

Food Cravings: One day I just had to have tuna salad with grapes.  My mom makes the best tuna salad and happened to be visiting for the week to work on Thomas' house so she made it for me.  I ended up eating half a sleeve of saltines with each saltine packed high with tuna.  It was so good!

Food Aversions: Eggs, smoked meat, I haven't had Mexican since last time it made me sick so we'll see.  I got really sick eating tomato soup today which was sad because I have a really easy recipe that Ty loves and is in our weekly meal rotation on the regular.  Hopefully I'll be able to eat it again.

Movement: The baby is moving quite a bit according to what I've read, I can't wait to be able to feel it!

Best Moment of the Week: Watching Carter and Hayden play together.  They hid in the bathroom and when I opened the door and said "boo" they grabbed each other while laughing and hopping around.  It was the cutest thing and I can just picture that being Carter and Baby #2 playing like that together!  

Currently Loving: I have been so grateful to have strong pregnancy symptoms this entire time.  It has been such a relief to feel poorly so I don't have to worry about how things are going as I have a constant reminder that I'm still pregnant.  One day I didn't feel as tired as usual and I started to get worried, but then I got really nauseous.  It was like my body's way of reassuring me!

Miss Anything: I do miss being really productive during Carter's nap time.  Since I spend part of his nap time sleeping myself, I don't get quite as much done.

What Big Brother is Up to This Week: Carter had a blast learning about colors, playing with Hayden, and playing on inflatables and feeding animals at a petting zoo during Little Balkans Day.  He also had a blast walking different dogs in and out of the house.  He's also starting to pick up the whole "Where is our baby?".  When asked, he'll point to my chest or stomach, whatever is closest and easiest for him to point to.  My Week 9 Bumpdate with Carter.
Carter really wanted to be held, but it looks like he's pointing to the baby.