Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 4 Bumpdate

August 2, 2014

Baby's Size: The size of a poppy seed.

Weight Gain: Nothing and I'm starting this pregnancy at the same weight I started the pregnancy with Carter, win!

Maternity Clothes: Absolutely not!  I figure I will have to pull them out earlier this time around, but last time it was well after the first trimester before I ever needed them.

Sleep: I've been sleeping really hard and not waking up to go to the bathroom yet.  I wake up feeling really tired every morning.  The day before I took a pregnancy test I woke up tired and felt tired all day until a couple hours before bedtime when I perked up.  I remember that with Carter, I'd get a 2nd wind before bedtime and feel better than I had all day so I wouldn't want to go to bed.

Symptoms: So far my symptoms are pretty mild.  I've been really tired lately and thought I was just catching up on sleep from our trip.  I've also been a lot hungrier.  I thought maybe that was because I over-ate some on the trip so I was hungry going back to my regular amount of food.  I've also had some breast tenderness but not much worse than the typical tenderness that comes at the end of my cycle.

Running: It's been a little hit and miss this week.  I had a few days where my pace was still 8:00 minute per mile pace then I had days where my legs felt heavy and I struggled at 9:30 pace.  So far running has been much better this time around than with Carter.  My weekly mileage was 17 miles. 

Food Cravings: Food in general.  I've been sooo hungry! 

Food Aversions: Nothing yet although Ty made some smoked cream cheese and it totally grossed me out and was disgusting.

Movement: So looking forward to feeling the baby!

Best Moment of the Week: Taking a pregnancy test and seeing a positive result.  Trying to get pregnant this time has been such an emotional roller coaster.  With Carter and the baby we lost we got pregnant the first month.  This time it took 3 months.  I know that's still quick and we are so lucky, but with how emotional I've been since our loss I was a mess.  Looking down and seeing the word "pregnant" with Ty standing next to me was amazing.  I couldn't wait to pull out Carter's "I may be little, but I'm the big brother" onesie!

Currently Loving: Feeling pregnancy symptoms. After last time, it's so nice to feel them and have them as a constant reminder that everything is okay. I'm nervous about losing the baby, but I promised myself I would allow myself to get excited and feel happy with no reservations if we were to conceive again. Right now I'm allowing myself to be overjoyed and if something happens we'll deal with it when we get there.

Miss Anything: I was sad when Ty reminded me I couldn't eat soft serve anymore.  I am obsessed with Braum's frozen yogurt soft serve.  I guess that's a good thing though, it will help me keep my dessert consumption to a minimum!

What Big Brother is Up to This Week: Carter man has a molar coming through which is causing him some difficulty with sleeping.  We are gearing up for next week, our first week with the little boy I will be watching.  Carter has been practicing with a doll to prepare him which will also help out when baby arrives!  I'm glad Carter will have the practice with our little babysitting boy before baby comes along.


  1. YESSSSSSS! They've begun!

    1. Haha, I'm too excited to keep them in! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed yours! I like to go back and read your weekly post for the week that I'm on. It is fun to see how alike and how different pregnancies are!