Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Reading with Uncie Jeremy.
Doing his animal puzzle from Aunt Netta.
Reading a book from Great Grandma and Grandpa Shupe.
Playing tug of war with Harper.

Drawing with Hayden.
Trying to put his pants on all by himself.
How we announced our pregnancy on facebook.
 Some of the out-takes from our facebook announcement photo shoot:
Ready to ride the train with Hayden at my 10 year reunion family picnic.
Enjoying the train ride!
Making a cake out of wood chips with some girls on the playground at the picnic.

Walking along holding hands.
Hayden said, "Carter, I live in (town he lives), where do you live?"  It was so cute!

Walking with one of my parents' neighbors he loves to play with when we visit.

Playing with a new puzzle from Erin's mom/Hayden's grandma.
Trying out his new potty from Grammy and Grampy.
Found a new way to ride in the wagon.
Showing off the pear he was eating.
Carter and Jake reading books on the way home from the library.
The pear thief returns!
What was left of the pear when he was done eating it before dinner.
Carter's so stylin, even his toys match his outfit!
Enjoying leftover homemade broccoli cheddar soup for lunch, thank you pregnancy cravings!
Swinging with Jake, not sure who taught him to swing on his belly.  I'm guessing my mom.


  1. Now THAT is a pregnancy announcement-Ty holding Carter upside down with the chalkboard!!! Loved it-too perfect!!!

    I love how Carter has his legs/ankles crossed in the pictures of him reading a book next to the chalkboard! So cute!!!

    1. Thanks! He looks so grown up with his ankles crossed, doesn't he!?!! I feel like the one of Ty holding him upside-down symbolizes how his life will be turned upside-down when the baby arrives!

  2. I like all the different pictures of the announcement. I love Wordless Wednesday.

    1. I had to share the ones we didn't choose, there were so many cute ones!