Sunday, January 19, 2014

No Diaper Day

Disclaimer: This story is not intended for those with weak stomachs!

Our little Carter man broke out in a gnarly diaper rash yesterday morning.  We applied diaper cream all day and thought and thought about what could be the culprit.  The last time I bought diapers I picked up Luvs instead of Huggies because they were quite a bit cheaper.  We normally buy our diapers at Sam's and Huggies are the cheapest they have, but we were in desperate need and it was Sunday evening so Sam's was closed so I stopped at a Wal-Mart.  Carter had used Luvs at his grandma and grandpa's house and they sent the left overs home with us, so I figured they would be fine.  When we had used Luvs before it was just in the mornings on his way to daycare as he still had Huggies at daycare and we used cloth at home.  That dawned on me when I was trying to determine the cause behind the rash.  We switched back to Huggies and hopefully that will help!  I have noticed the Luvs seem to be scented and Carter has really sensitive skin, so I am pretty convinced that's the problem.

Ty was brave enough to rock Carter diaperless, although I was the one who got peed on!
Anyway, that all is to set us up for what happened today.  This morning when Carter's rash appeared as red and raised as yesterday I decided some fresh air would do him good.  I ran the idea of no diapers for the day past Ty and he agreed.  Luckily Carter only pottied on carpet once and the rest of his incidents were in the kitchen on the laminate flooring.  Ty grilled out for lunch and wanted to eat in the living room to watch the football game.  I decided to stay in the kitchen with Carter because he was having fun with his toys in there and it would be easier to clean up any messes.  As I was eating Carter crawled behind the chair with his high chair in it so I couldn't see him.  I pushed the chair away so he would be in view and as I did looked down to see Carter holding poop up offering it to me.  I told him thank you and took it only to see him reach behind him toward the ground to pick up more poop which I didn't realize was there.  I had to call for reinforcements and Ty took Carter to clean him off as I cleaned up the floor.  The funniest part of the whole situation was how proud Carter was to hand me a log of poo.  I thought I had the situation under control when I took it from him but, unbeknownst to me, there was more!  On the bright side thankfully we've found something Carter won't shove in his mouth!


  1. Ah! THAT was hilarious! Oh my gosh! You are such a good mom! We let Liam go diaper-less for an evening once. He peed in his highchair and was so upset about it he cried and tried to take the padding off! (Then he spent the rest of the time fiddling with his "manhood" and proudly showing it off...) I think we're having an issue with the Target diapers, which stinks because they are so cost friendly! Those babies and their sensitive skin! I hope Carter's rash clears up soon! (I have found that Organic Coconut Oil is super friendly for sensitive skin and diaper rashes though!)

    1. His rash is looking much better! Giving it air has seemed to work wonders! Poor guy sure doesn't complain but screamed anytime we wiped his bottom. Do you use the coconut oil instead of diaper cream?